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How our organization uses HPE Vertica:

We use HPE Vertica for loading data from different sources, data normalization, ad hoc querys, and SAP Business Objects reports.

Would you recommend HPE Vertica?

Yes, it is fast, easy to install, scales easily, provides aggressive data compression, and high availability.

Vertica is powerful, easy and stable solution.

IT Project Manager, Medium Enterprise Telecommunications Services Company

Challenges addressed by Vertica customers

Which of the following pain points are addressed by the Vertica Analytics Platform?

Queries run very slow or do not complete at all
Inability to analyze large volumes of data
Data is summarized or aggregated, losing detail and insights
Lack of concurrency limits access to data
Cost of adding capacity is prohibitive due to licensing or hardware
Queries must be stopped while loading new data
Current system has reached its performance limits
Lack of business insight from data
Lack of connection between current BI/analytics initiatives and needs of business
Existing data warehouse/data management infrastructure cannot handle Big Data

Vertica significantly compresses your data freeing up data storage space

By what percentage (%) are you able to compress your data by using Vertica?
For example, if you compressed 1PB of data to 500TB, the compression is 50%.

Greater than 50%

Case Study: Global 500 Computer Hardware Company


This case study of a Global 500 computer hardware company is based on a January 2014 survey of HP Software Vertica customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“With Vertica we have setup a query performance requirement that any query fired on the database should have response timings of less than 1 Second. And we achieved it.”


  • Addressed the following pain points with the HPE Vertica Analytics Platform:
    • Slow or incomplete queries
    • The inability to analyze large volumes of data
    • The need to stop queries while loading new data
    • Performance limits with current system
    • Existing data warehouse/data management infrastructure that could not handle Big Data

Use Case

  • Is implementing the following applications with HPE Vertica:
    • Customer analytics
  • Currently managing 5 – 10 TB of data with HPE Vertica software.
  • Uses the following Business Intelligence (BI), visualization, and ETL tools in their environment:
    • Home grown ETL and Reporting tools
  • Purchased HPE Vertica over the following vendors:
    • Oracle
    • Teradata


  • Values the following features in HPE Vertica software the most:
    • Extreme speed and performance
    • Simplicity
    • Aggressive compression
    • Database designer and administration tools
    • High availability without hardware redundancy
    • Optimizer and execution engine
    • High availability for analytics systems
  • Increased query performance by 100 – 500% through improvement in response time with HPE Vertica.
  • Can compress their data by > 50% with HPE Vertica.

Case Study: MD Insider


This case study of MD Insider is based on a February 2016 survey of Vertica customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“We push medical claims data going back several years into Vertica, and make it available to our data scientist to mine gems out of it.”

“Yes!! We would recommend Vertica. The need to run low latency ad-hoc query on large datasets is satisfied with ease using Vertica! While Redshift comes very close in terms of performance, the fact that I can take a Vertica license to my data center, unlike Redshift, makes it preferable!”

“My consumers are data scientists within the organization that mine data out of billions of ingested medical data. Using Vertica has increased, significantly, the productivity of data scientists; due to the speed at which data can get into the engine and can get out of it!”


  • Is using Vertica for the following:
    • Claims analytics
    • Patient records analytics
  • Replaced the following vendor with Vertica:
    • MySQL

Use Case

  • Currently manages 6TB or less of data with Vertica.
  • Uses the following Business Intelligence (BI), Visualization and/or ETL tools in their environment with Vertica:
    • ETL: Talend
    • BI: Tableau


  • The following are the most valuable Vertica capabilities:
    • Massive scalability on industry-standard hardware
    • Standard SQL interface
    • Simultaneous loading and querying
    • Superior compression
    • In-database analytics capabilities
    • Ease of interaction with existing BI tools & ETL tools
    • High availability without hardware redundancy
    • Ability to do low latency SQL queries on Hadoop
  • Improved query performance by 101 – 500% with Vertica.

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