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Selected Research Highlights

Case Study: S&P 500 Computer Software Company


This case study of a S&P 500 computer software company is based on a February 2016 survey of HPE Vertica customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“Our organization uses HPE Vertica as the primary query platform for EDW.”

“Vertica has been a solid performer for our specific workflow. HPE has been a great partner. They have been very willing to work with us to make sure that Vertica continues to be a great fit.”

“HPE has been a great partner. Vertica has worked well in a number of different applications.”

“With HPE Vertica, our analysts’ workflows have completely changed. Instead of submitting a query and getting the results in hours, they are getting results in seconds. That totally changes their interactions with our clients.”


  • Uses HPE Vertica for the following:
    • Claims analytics
    • Patient records analytics
    • Clinical data analytics
    • Enterprise Data Warehouse optimization
  • Replaced the following vendors with HPE Vertica:
    • Pivotal
    • IBM
    • Oracle Exadata
    • SAP
    • SybaseIQ

Use Case

  • Currently manages 201 – 500 TB of data with HPE Vertica.
  • Uses the following Business Intelligence (BI), Visualization and/or ETL tools in their environment with HPE Vertica:
    • ETL: Hadoop
    • ETL: Kafka
    • BI: Business Objects (Inc Crystal Reports)
    • BI: Tableau
  • Uses the following Advanced Analytics and/or Replication tool in their environment with HPE Vertica:
    • Replication: Home Grown


  • The following are the most valuable HPE Vertica capabilities:
    • Massive scalability on industry-standard hardware
    • Standard SQL interface
    • Superior compression
    • Ease of interaction with existing BI tools & ETL tools
    • Workload management
  • Improved query performance by > 1,000% with HPE Vertica.

Vertica Customer Testimonial

Enabling Data Exploration

Vertica enables our customers to explore their data from a macro and micro trend analysis perspective.

Senior Executive, Small Business Computer Hardware Company

Case Study: Snag A Job, Inc.


This case study of, Inc. is based on a January 2014 survey of HP Software Vertica customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“We were looking for a database backend to allow end users (a couple of thousand external users) to crunch through their detailed data in real time. The dataset is several hundred million rows and our avg. response time goal was less than 5 secs. Last but not least we are building this environment for the future, i.e. another requirement was to be able to scale horizontally). Redshift came close in response time but completed failed in concurrency, i.e. multiple users running an analysis at the same time. Infobright came close in response time and concurrency but didn’t provide sufficient scalability. Vertica checked all boxes at a very competitive price-point.”


  • Addressed the following pain points with the HPE Vertica Analytics Platform:
    • Slow or incomplete queries
    • The inability to analyze large volumes of data
    • The lack of concurrency limits access to data
    • Performance limits with current system
    • The lack of business insight from data
    • The lack of connection between current BI/analytics initiatives and needs of business
    • Existing data warehouse/data management infrastructure that could not handle Big Data

Use Case

  • Is implementing the following applications with HPE Vertica:
    • Clickstream analysis
    • Predictive analytics
  • Currently managing 500 GB – 1 TB of data with HPE Vertica software.
  • Uses the following Business Intelligence (BI), visualization, and ETL tools in their environment:
    • Hadoop
    • Tableau
    • Birst
  • Purchased HPE Vertica over the following vendors:
    • Amazon Redshift
    • Infobright
    • Microsoft


  • Values the following features in HPE Vertica software the most:
    • Extreme speed and performance
    • Massive scalability on industry-standard hardware
    • Simplicity
    • Standard SQL interface
    • Simultaneous loading and querying
    • Concurrency for hundreds or thousands of users
    • Aggressive compression
    • Database designer and administration tools
    • High availability without hardware redundancy
    • Optimizer and execution engine
    • Flexibility
    • High availability for analytics systems
  • Increased query performance by 500 – 1,000% through improvement in response time with HPE Vertica.
  • Can compress their data by > 50% with HPE Vertica.

Users have chosen Vertica over several vendors

Vertica was chosen over OR has replaced (if it did) which of the following vendors?

Amazon Redshift
EMC Greenplum
IBM Neteeza
Oracle Exadata
Home grown solution
None - Vertica is our primary solution

With HPE Vertica, we have created a competitive advantage for our sales teams by providing immediate insights in game performance and players behavior that was not available in our previous environment.

IT Manager, Small Business Hospitality Company

Instant ROI with Vertica

Please estimate the overall cost savings from using Vertica achieved through – improved analytics and reporting productivity, reduced server and storage requirements, and ease of implementation.

Over $10,000,000
$5,000,000 - $10,000,000
$1,000,000 - $5,000,000
$500,000 - $1,000,000
$100,000 - $500,000
$0 - $100,000

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