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Selected Research Highlights

Micro Focus Connected MX Case Study

Aai Llc


This case study of Aai-llc is based on a February 2018 survey of Micro Focus Connected MX customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“Less downtime on workstations that were misplaced, enabling faster recovery times for mission-critical documents during high productivity weeks.”


The business challenges that led the profiled company to evaluate and ultimately select Micro Focus Connected MX:

  • Reports that 100-500 employees in their organization use an endpoint device for work.

Use Case

The key features and functionalities of Micro Focus Connected MX that the surveyed company uses:

  • Uses the following products to backup user data:
    • Connected MX
  • Values the following use cases when evaluating an endpoint device:
    • Policy-based control over the endpoint backup process
    • Ransomware protection
    • Unattended endpoint backup that does not involve end-user involvement
    • The ability to perform E-discovery and legal hold on endpoint data
    • Having access to endpoint information the via web and mobile devices
    • Enterprise file sync and share
    • Self-manage restore


The surveyed company achieved the following results with Micro Focus Connected MX:

  • Adopted Connected MX for the following reasons:
    • To improve Recovery Point Objective (RPO) with Continuous Data Protection

The benefits of using HPE Information Governance solutions

What percentage (%) have you improved the following with HPE Software’s Information Governance solutions?

Greater than 50% 26-50% 11-25% 1-10%

Responsiveness to Investigations
Responsiveness to eDiscovery
Reduction in Opernl. costs
Reduction in Legal costs

Case Study: Moore Theological College Council


This case study of MOORE THEOLOGICAL COLLEGE COUNCIL is based on a August 2015 survey of HPE Content Manager customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“HPE Content Manager is considered a vital business application within our organization because it helps us capture, manage, access and secure business documents and records from creation to disposal.”

“With HPE TRIM aka HPE Content Manager, we have been able to streamline our work practices – particularly with regards to student records.”


  • Challenges addressed with HPE Content Manager software:
    • Timely retrieval of relevant and accurate information
    • Information security and access control for sensitive information (FOI & Privacy Acts)
    • E-mail records management
    • Managing records from line of business systems
    • Document and records archive
    • Document / Information lifecycle management

Use Case

  • Has 1-500 end-users working with HPE Content Manager.
  • Integrates HPE Content Manager with the following applications:
    • MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
    • MS Outlook or Lotus Notes Mail
    • Scanning software
    • Line of Business Application
  • Users interact with HPE Content Manager in the following ways:
    • Desktop client
    • Custom interface


  • Would recommend HPE Content Manager for their:
    • Ability to manage both electronic and physical records within a single system
    • Electronic document, records, and e-mail capture and management
    • Ability to integrate with business applications
    • Ability to access documents and records across a range of devices via the web client
    • Ability to manage records created in SharePoint
  • Realized the following benefits by using HPE Content Manager:
    • Reduced time spent retrieving documents and records
    • Improved compliance state
    • Improved decision making based on accurate and relevant information
    • Improved customer service – information delivery, accuracy, and security
    • Improved process efficiency
  • Improvements seen by using HPE Content Manager:
    • Faster retrieval time of documents / records, improved response time: 1%-10%
    • Increased relevance and accuracy of documents / records: 11%-30%
    • Reduced information re-work and time wasted: 11%-30%
    • Improved compliance state and audit reporting: 11%-30%
    • Improved information security, access control, and risk mitigation: 31%-50%

MicroFocus Data Protector Customer Fact

Priceless reduced backup costs by more than 75% after using MicroFocus Data Protector.

MicroFocus VM Explorer Customer Research

How much have you reduced the following metrics by using MicroFocus VM Explorer?

76–100% 51–75% 26–50% 1–25%
Time to back up





Time to restore





Cost of backup processes





Unscheduled downtime





Time spent managing backup





MicroFocus Data Protector Customer Testimonial

MicroFocus Data Protector is reliable and trustworthy, ensuring 100% of our data is backed up and easy to restore with low TCO.

Nipun Dang, IT Project Manager, Daikin Airconditioning India

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