TechValidate Research on PADS

These pages present data that TechValidate has sourced via direct research with verified customers and users of PADS. TechValidate stands behind the authenticity of all published data. Learn more »

2,253 Customers Surveyed

17,607 Data Points Collected

91 Published TechFacts

12 Published Charts

35 Published Case Studies

Selected Research Highlights

Choosing PADS for the first time

To find out why customers choose PADS over other desktop PCB design tools, we asked new PADS customers which design challenges they are trying to address.

Improve time to market
Improve product quality
Design for manufacturability
Reducing number of design spins
Reduced development budgets
Demand for higher quality products
Meet cost targets
Design for High speed
Demand for feature rich products
Better alignment with service bureau

Dependable Manufacturing Results

With PADS I create reliable designs that have always been manufacturable.

Owner/President, Small Business Industrial Manufacturing Company

Case Study: General Dynamics Corp


This case study of GENERAL DYNAMICS CORP is based on a October 2013 survey of HyperLynx in the PADS flow customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“[With HyperLynx we identified & solved] crosstalk and EMC [signal integrity issues.]”


  • Our biggest signal integrity challenges are:
    • Crosstalk
    • Electromagnetic simulation

Use Case

  • Uses HyperLynx signal integrity as part of the PADS ES suite (PCB design flow).
  • Uses HyperLynx SI in post-route verification.
  • Uses HyperLynx SI in their PCB design process for the following purposes:
    • To define & validate layer stackup
    • To define & capture high-speed constraints to drive layout


  • Saved 30 respins with HyperLynx.
  • On a scale of 1-5 (5 being Excellent), rates his experiences with HyperLynx signal integrity as follows:
    • Fast, thorough results: 5
    • ‘What-if’ exploration: 4
    • Accuracy: 4
    • Customer support: 4
    • Ease of use: 3

Case Study: Lynnerup Ecad Aps


This case study of LYNNERUP ECAD APS is based on a May 2013 survey of PADS customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“[There’s] tight integration with the schematic, [and] easy footprint design – no confusing extra levels of padshape and padstack-libraries. [PADS has] the best interactive router on the market, [and] easy signal integrity simulation with HyperLynx.”


  • Purchased PADS over other PCB design tools for the following reasons:
    • Ease of use
    • Best value
    • Simple learning curve
    • Proven performance
    • Partner compatibility (e.g. service bureaus, reference designs)
    • Reputation as a market leader in Desktop PCB design

Use Case

  • Uses or anticipates using the following parts of the PADS ES suite:
    • Schematic Capture
    • Component Creation
    • Signal Integrity
    • PCB Layout
    • Interactive Routing
    • Automatic Routing
    • Manufacturing Output
    • 3D Viewing
  • Has been able to consistently release products on time using PADS.


  • Chose PADS over Allegro and OrCAD.
  • Became productive in PADS in 1-2 weeks.
  • Describes PADS’ interactive (and/or automatic) routing as achieving the following:
    • Faster than competitive tools
    • More complete routing
    • Less clean-up
    • Easier to use than competitive tools
  • PCB layout is > 60% faster with PADS than with previous design tools.
  • Would recommend PADS to a friend.

Autorouting Excellence

PADS auto routing is excellent and the new features are great. The UI is good.

Design Engineer, Medium Enterprise Telecommunications Equipment Company

Faster PCB Layout with PADS

80% of surveyed customers say that PCB layout is faster with PADS than with competitive tools.

5% - 60% faster: 80%
< 5%: 20%

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