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Selected Research Highlights

Lytx Customer Research

After implementing the DriveCam program, how much risk did you find associated with following distance?

Much more risk than expected: 19%
More risk than expected: 47%
Less risk than expected: 34%

Lytx Customer Research

70% of Small Fleets Have Had a Collision

Have any of your vehicles ever been involved in a collision?
Yes: 70%
No: 30%

Lytx Customer Testimonial

Working with Lytx gives me huge peace of mind. We don’t have to be wondering all the time what the drivers are doing. They can see their driving habits and see where they need improvement.

Adrian Reynoso, Manager, D&K Express

Lytx Customer Statistic

Following Distance

67% of surveyed organizations found more risk than expected with following distance after implementing the DriveCam program.


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About Lytx

Lytx is a global is a global driver risk management company located in San Diego, California. It specializes in designing, manufacturing and selling video driver safety programs used by commercial fleets.

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