TechValidate Research on LogicNow MAXfocus

These pages present data that TechValidate has sourced via direct research with verified customers and users of LogicNow MAXfocus. TechValidate stands behind the authenticity of all published data. Learn more »

1,764 Customers Surveyed

15,608 Data Points Collected

4 Published TechFacts

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Selected Research Highlights

92% of surveyed IT organizations heavily rely on ticket / task management in MAX ServiceDesk.


Why customers switched to MAX ServiceDesk

What issues were you experiencing with your previous service desk solution, prior to using MAX ServiceDesk?

Lack of features
User interface was poor
Difficulty using the product
Lack of training and support
Too many features
The product was unstable

LogicNow MAX ServiceDesk Customer Review

5/5 Stars

Why did you choose MAX ServiceDesk?

Not overloaded with features, easy to setup, use, and integrate with other services.

Would you recommend MAX ServiceDesk?

Yes, definitely. It has the edge over other products by listening to its customers and integrating desired features. Since using ServiceDesk we have seen constant useful improvements.

Case Study: Great Scott Enterprises I, LLC


This case study of Great Scott Enterprises I, LLC is based on a October 2015 survey of LogicNow MAX ServiceDesk customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“We now depend on MAX ServiceDesk in our day to day operations. It has helped us address client needs and foresee issues we weren’t able to do so before.”

“Our customer service saw a huge increase in satisfaction; clients are happier and reaching out to us more than before.”


  • Experienced the following issues with their previous desktop solution before using MAX ServiceDesk:
    • Difficulty using the product
    • Too many features

Use Case

  • Looks for in a service desk product:
    • Ticket/task management
    • Time tracking
    • Reporting
    • Integrations (e.g. accounts)
  • Previously used ConnectWise before MAX ServiceDesk.
  • Heavily relies on in MAX ServiceDesk:
    • Ticket/task management
    • Integrations (e.g. accounts)


  • Agrees with the following statements:
    • When they implemented MAX ServiceDesk the process was quick and simple
    • MAX ServiceDesk offers a simplified, effective service desk solution
    • Since implementing MAX ServiceDesk they have noticed clear business benefits from using the product
    • MAX ServiceDesk is able to provide their business with a better, more structured processes
    • Their agents (engineers/technicians) have been able to manage their day to day tasks more efficiently since implementing MAX ServiceDesk
    • With MAX ServiceDesk they are able to provide their customers with better customer service
    • Since implementing MAX ServiceDesk they have seen consistent improvements with the product
  • Could potentially have 1-5 employees using MAX ServiceDesk in their business.
  • Problems solved with MAX ServiceDesk:
    • A lack of a structured process
    • Using a number of different solutions to deliver support to customers
    • The managing of customer expectations

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The MAXfocus platform is an integrated management console that brings together a collection of technologies to manage an organization’s technology services portfolio. It includes the tools to monitor, manage and secure the full range of IT systems and services, preventing and alerting on issues, automating routine maintenance tasks.

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