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LogicMonitor Case Study



This case study of TerreCom Pty Ltd. is based on a December 2022 survey of LogicMonitor customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

LM Logs consolidates all device logs into a single view and highlights anomalies making it easier to see real issues.”


The business challenges that led the profiled company to evaluate and ultimately select LM Logs:

  • Slow troubleshooting, with dead-end investigations

Use Case

The key features and functionalities of LogicMonitor that the surveyed company uses:

  • The type of log data they’re currently ingesting into LM Logs:
    • Network device logs
  • They begin analyzing log data in their workflow:
    • From LM alerts to log data
    • From devices in LM Resources to log data
  • The most effective ways to search through log data if they begin their analysis within LM Logs:
    • Searching on keywords via autocomplete
  • The scenarios they are reviewing their log data within LM Logs:
    • Troubleshooting an IT issue
    • Whenever time permits
    • Reviewing historical data for trend analysis


The surveyed company achieved the following results with LogicMonitor:

  • Log-based anomaly detection helped their organization:
    • Save time searching through log data
    • Troubleshoot faster by following log anomalies to IT devices
  • Teams reduced their MTTR by 15% with LM Logs
  • Organizational benefits since using LM Logs:
    • Ops teams have access to broader set of log data and visibility into IT health
    • Faster troubleshooting with contextual log analysis
    • Tool consolidation
    • Reduced noise with log anomaly detection

LogicMonitor Customer Testimonial

We run a monthly analysis of our environments and have dashboards showing the status of all our key production environments. LogicMonitor’s forecasting and multiple views with different types of widgets give us a very quick, clear understanding not only of the current and past state but also prediction of when we will have issues and can address them.

William Guertin, TechOps Manager, Accruent, Inc.

LogicMonitor Customer Research

Monitoring alone is no longer enough

What challenges were your teams experiencing before using LM Logs?

Gaps in visibility across entire IT environment
Lack of access to log data
Overwhelming amount of IT noise and alerts
Slow troubleshooting with dead-end investigations
Manually accessing log data
Context switching across tools

LogicMonitor Customer Research

When IT services are down, what are the impacts YOU experienced?

Decreased productivity
Employee frustration
Inability to determine root cause, or to do so quickly
Lack of clarity around which team is responsible for the resolution

LogicMonitor Customer Satisfaction Rating

LogicMonitor is the best monitoring tool I have worked on.

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LogicMonitor is a unified observability platform that delivers comprehensive visibility across infrastructure, networks, clouds, containers, and applications to enable intelligent automation and problem resolution for IT teams. With over 2,000 integrations that allow you to leverage your existing technology investments and AI-powered anomaly detection - LogicMonitor brings enterprise-grade observability to life, in real-time, in a single powerful platform, empowering organizations to transform what's next.

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