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Shepard’s® Helps Small Law Firms Build Stronger Cases

96% of small law firms agreed with the following statement:

Shepard’s is trustworthy and helps lead to stronger cases.

LexisNexis Public Records Content is Differentiated From the Competition

89% of surveyed federal government organizations rated LexisNexis Public Records’ depth and breadth of content as differentiated from the competition.

LexisNexis Public Records Chosen Over the Competition

63% of respondents selected LexisNexis over Westlaw public records offerings, including Westlaw PeopleMap.

State & Local Governments Trust LexisNexis Public Records

92% of surveyed state & local governments reported that LexisNexis Public Records is their most trusted source to investigate people and businesses.

Trust LexisNexis Public Records

81% of respondents reported that LexisNexis Public Records is their most trusted source to investigate people and businesses.

LexisNexis CourtLink Alerts Identify New Business Opportunities

72% of surveyed law firms’ top reason for using the CourtLink Alerts feature is for new business development.

Uncover New Business With LexisNexis CourtLink

43% of surveyed law firms pinpointed a new business opportunity in the last three months with CourtLink.

Find Connections with LexisNexis Public Records

A bank director who owes a civil money penalty stopped paying his penalty and did not respond to mailings to his former address. I could not find a new address for him, but I was able to locate a business for which he was an officer, and contacted him at his workplace by phone. He is now paying his penalty.

Attorney, Federal Agency

Give Up on Ghosts with LexisNexis Public Records

On more than one occasion, LexisNexis Public Records’ link to the social security death index has helped us close a file and stop pursuing collection from a ghost.

Paralegal, Federal Agency

Vet Suppliers with LexisNexis Public Records

I am constantly vetting vendors who wish to do business with our city. Using LexisNexis Public Records as part of the research process has helped me uncover adverse information regarding multiple vendors which was not disclosed by other sources.

Attorney, City Government

Get Current Info From Old Data with LexisNexis Public Records

I needed to locate a witness out of state but all of the information I had on the person was outdated. Even with the old information, LexisNexis gave me the current information I needed to find the person in time for the hearing.

Paralegal, Medium Enterprise Insurance Company

Shepardize® — or Malpractice.

It’s malpractice not to Shepardize all cases relied upon prior to submission to the Court.

Partner, Small Law Firm

Track Continuing Case Validity

Shepard’s lets me quickly identify the continuing validity (or lack thereof) of key cases. It lets me see how key cases have been modified or used in a variety of contexts. This dramatically speeds up research.

Law Firm Solo Practitioner

Shepard’s® Leads to the Right Cases

Shepard’s is invaluable to me in finding the right case for the point of law I am addressing.

Government Attorney, State & Local Government

Firms Rely on Shepard’s

Shepard’s is an integral part of my practice.

Associate General Counsel, Law Firm

Easily Search by Patent Number with CourtLink

The patent number search is incredibly helpful. It is also a huge benefit to search such a large number of courts immediately.

Librarian, Large Law Firm

Trust Results from LexisNexis Public Records

I can trust the results I receive from LexisNexis Public Records, which in turn shortens the time I need to spend completing my task.

Law Firm Partner, Large Law Firm

Be Secure with Shepard’s

I don’t feel secure using a case in a brief or argument unless I have checked it on Shepard’s.

Law Firm Associate, Non Profit

Citing with Confidence

Shepard’s gives me confidence that the cases I am citing are still good law.

Government Attorney, County Government

Save Time & Effort with LexisNexis Public Records

I was tying to locate contact information for an opposing party in a case. I usually check just before sending the document out for service. I checked the week prior to and the week of sending the document out and found from one week to the next that the person had died. This information was helpful in how we proceeded in the case and prevented us from wasting time and effort trying to serve someone who had died in the interim.

Paralegal, 11-20 Attorney Law Firm

Win New Business with CourtLink

CourtLink is the only way to get assignments that otherwise will go to a competitor.

Partner, Large Law Firm

Efficient Docket Search with CourtLink

Simple efficient portal to search all Federal and State dockets.

Librarian, AmLaw 100 Firm

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