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Selected Research Highlights

Lexis Advance Case Study: 11 to 20 Attorney Firm

“With Lexis Advance, I can search and navigate more easily. I use Lexis Advance to the exclusion of other search engines, including regular Lexis.”


  • Solved the following challenge with Lexis Advance:
    • Need for greater search efficiency

Use Case

  • Has 11 to 20 attorneys.
  • Chose Lexis Advance over the following competitors:
    • WestlawNext®
    • WestlawClassic®
  • Practices the following types of law most frequently:
    • Construction/Real Estate/Building Management
    • General Practice
    • Litigation


  • Rated Lexis Advance in terms of how critical it is:
    • Their personal practice: highly critical
    • Their organization: highly critical
  • Ranked the following Lexis Advance capabilities as compared to the competition:
    • Ease of use: better
    • Efficiency of search: better
    • Relevance of results: better
    • Breadth & strength of content: better
    • Innovative features: better
  • Increased productivity by at least 25% using Lexis Advance

Top Challenges Solved by State & Local Government Users of Lexis Advance

What challenges are you solving by using Lexis Advance?

Need for legal research
Need for greater search efficiency
Need for comprehensive & relevant results
Need for increased breadth and strength of content
Need to access public records
Need to control research costs
Need to check citation formats & build TOAs
Need to stay current on latest developments
Need to access research on my tablet or smartphone
Need to manage risk

Lexis Medical Navigator® Customer Testimonial

Evaluate Your Case with Medical Navigator™

Medical Navigator helps us determine if we should take on a case or not.

Jascinda Meister, Legal Assistant, The Law Offices of Craig L. Cook

Knowledge Mosaic Case Study: Indiana University

“Knowledge Mosaic offers specific section searching of 10-ks and SEC documents. [This feature] saves a lot of time.”


  • Experienced the following challenges prior to purchasing Knowledge Mosaic for securities research:
    • Found deep searching to be unavailable
    • Had to use multiple sources to find info they needed
    • Spent too much time gathering data

Use Case

  • Uses Knowledge Mosaic for the following tasks:
    • Research SEC filings
    • Search laws, rules, and agency materials
    • Keep informed of Affordable Care Act updates
    • Investigate executive compensation
  • User is best described as academic/Law Schools.


  • Finds that Knowledge Mosaic exceeds expectations.
  • Is confident they are searching the most accurate and timely SEC content available with Knowledge Mosaic.
  • Is recommending Knowledge Mosaic to someone within their professional network.

LexisNexis for Labor & Employment

What types of labor or employment law-related challenges does LexisNexis help you solve?

The need to stay on top of emerging issues and trends
The need to know the current state of the law (case law, statutes, regulations, etc.)
The need for practical guidance from authorities in the field
The need to pinpoint precedent language for drafting and negotiating
The need to maintain employment compliance
The need to access comprehensive content to help research and prepare cases
The need to inform litigation strategies

Lexis Advance®

Dickinson Wright PLLC solved the need for greater search efficiency, need to control research costs, and need for mobility — to access research on a tablet or smartphone with Lexis Advance®.

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