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Selected Research Highlights

Lexis for Microsoft Office Case Study: Teacher Retirement System

“Lexis for Microsoft Office allows me to perform efficient searches while drafting and composing messages. I can easily share research with others.”


  • Solved the following challenges with Lexis® for Microsoft® Office:
    • A need for efficiency
    • A need for finding supporting precedent while drafting
    • A need for PDF conversion
    • Contract drafting

Use Case

  • Reports a staff of 11-20 attorneys.
  • Respondent agrees that Lexis® for Microsoft® makes them more efficient in drafting and responding to legal documents.
  • Respondent agrees that Lexis® for Microsoft® makes them more efficient than manually formatting citations.
  • Respondent agrees that Lexis® for Microsoft® Office helps them validate work faster by adding Shepard’s Signal Indicators directly into documents.
  • Most frequently works with the following industries:
    • Commercial/contract


  • Ranks the importance of Lexis® for Microsoft® Office on their own practice and entire organization:
    • Own practice: very critical (4 on scale of 1-5)
    • Entire organization: not very critical (2 on scale of 1-5)
  • Rated Lexis® for Microsoft® Office compared to other legal drafting tools:
    • ease of use : same
    • citation formatting: superior
    • case law validation: superior
    • document review: same
    • drafting documents : superior
    • quote checking: vastly superior
    • table of Authorities: superior
  • Increased productivity levels with Lexis® for Microsoft® Office:
    • Personal : 50 to 75%
    • Staff: 10 to 24%

LexisNexis State Net Customer Satisfaction Rating

A Director at a membership organization would be very likely to recommend LexisNexis State Net for this reason:

The information provided is relevant and timely which gives me the opportunity to provide my members with actionable intelligence.

Work More Efficiently With Lexis Search Advantage

The amount of time it takes to search for a document is cut in half when using Lexis Search Advantage, which leaves more time to spend on other billable tasks. Since the search is so specific, you do not waste time by clicking on multiple documents to find what you need.

Christine Alexander, Paralegal, Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker

Lexis Advance Case Study: 2 to 5 Attorney Firm

“The search functionality of Lexis Advance is very good. It is fairly easy to use compared to WestLaw.”


  • Solved the following challenge with Lexis Advance:
    • Need for comprehensive & relevant results

Use Case

  • Has 2 to 5 attorneys.


  • Rated Lexis Advance in terms of how critical it is:
    • their organization: highly critical
  • Ranked the following Lexis Advance capabilities as compared to the competition:
    • ease of use: much better
    • efficiency of search: much better
    • relevance of results: better
    • breadth & strength of content: better
    • innovative features: better
  • Increased staff productivity by at least 50% using Lexis Advance

Most Trusted Source for Locating or Investigating People and Businesses

Is Accurint for Legal Professionals the source you trust most to locate and/or investigate people or businesses?

Yes: 81%
No: 19%

LexisNexis for Labor & Employment

What types of labor or employment law-related challenges does LexisNexis help you solve?

The need to stay on top of emerging issues and trends
The need to know the current state of the law (case law, statutes, regulations, etc.)
The need for practical guidance from authorities in the field
The need to pinpoint precedent language for drafting and negotiating
The need to maintain employment compliance
The need to access comprehensive content to help research and prepare cases
The need to inform litigation strategies

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