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Kalderos Case Study

Bay Area Hospital


This case study of Bay Area Hospital is based on a December 2020 survey of Kalderos customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“Ease of use is great and appreciated
helps covered entity’s confidence in duplicate discount compliance
appreciate their partnership "


The business challenges that led the profiled company to evaluate and ultimately select Kalderos:

  • They face the following in managing the 340B program:
    • Lack of data or data integrity issues
    • Intermediaries benefiting disproportionately from 340B savings
    • Tracking where the 340B benefit is used at my organization
    • Fears of HRSA audits
    • Staying up to date on program changes
    • Understanding where and when noncompliance exits
    • Repayment back to manufacturers

Use Case

The key features and functionalities of Kalderos that the surveyed company uses:

  • They work with the following on their drug discount management needs:
    • MacroHelix
  • They strongly agree that, “The more manufacturers who leverage Kalderos, the easier the good faith inquiry process is for covered entities.”


The surveyed company achieved the following results with Kalderos:

  • Compared with other vendors’ platforms they’ve used or evaluated, they rated Kalderos’ following aspects as:
    • ability to achieve my organization’s goals: significantly better
    • customer experience: significantly better
    • ability to provide clear and timely data: significantly better
    • ability to produce results: significantly better
    • focus on drug discounts: significantly better
    • ability to innovate: significantly better
  • Said to what extent they agree with the following:
    • Kalderos supports providers: Slightly agree
    • Kalderos supports manufacturers: Strongly agree
    • Kalderos supports payers: Agree
    • Kalderos supports all parties in the 340B space equally: Agree
    • Kalderos is a trusted partner: Strongly agree
    • Kalderos solutions reduce the time spent in 340B management activities: Slightly agree
    • Kalderos solutions enable my organization to keep the discounts we deserve: Slightly agree
    • Kalderos gives confidence that my organization is not causing duplicate discounts: Agree
    • Kalderos has a helpful customer support team that understands my needs: Strongly agree
    • Kalderos solutions enable collaboration with manufacturers on good faith inquiries: Strongly agree
  • They value or would value the following for Kalderos’ Request and Review tools:
    • Multiple manufacturer inquiries consolidated into one platform
  • They are Satisfied with the 340B virtual replenishment (chargeback) model.
  • They said since using Kalderos:
    • Kalderos supports the integrity of the 340B program
    • Kalderos works to support all stakeholders as they navigate the 340B program
    • Kalderos creates transparency in the 340B space
    • Kalderos’ tech-based approach is preferred to other approaches
    • Kalderos bridges the gaps between manufacturers and providers in a helpful and collaborative way
  • They said since using Kalderos: as an organization:
    • Kalderos makes my good faith inquiries workflow easier
    • Kalderos only asks for necessary data in a way that doesn’t put PHI at risk
    • Kalderos gives me confidence that my organization’s 340B program is in compliance
    • Kalderos consolidates cumbersome inquiries from multiple manufacturers into one easy-to-use platform
    • Kalderos empowers my organization to take back control of our drug discount programs

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