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Selected Research Highlights

JFrog Products Customer Research

Was the conference a good value for the price?

Absolutely! I got more than what I paid for!: 33%
Definitely! I got my money's worth!: 55%
Somewhat! It was hard to justify!: 7%
Not at all! I did not get any ROI from this event!: 0%
Other: 5%

swampUP Customer Statistic

93% of surveyed organizations would definitely recommend swampUP to others.

swampUP Customer Review

5/5 Stars

Great, well organized conference with solid talks, open atmosphere of collaboration – best DevOps conference so far this year 2016.

JFrog Products Customer Research

95% of respondents rated swampUP location to be very good

How would you rate the location and venue of swampUP 2017?

Excellent: 72%
Very Good: 23%
Good: 5%
Poor: 0%

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Over 1,500 paying customers, 50,000 installations and millions of developers globally rely on JFrog’s world-class infrastructure for software management and distribution. Customers include some of the world’s top brands, such as Amazon, Google and Oracle. JFrog tools, comprising open-source, on-premise and SaaS cloud solutions, are revolutionizing the way companies and individuals develop, release and distribute software.

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