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Selected Research Highlights

Ixia Security Solutions Customer Satisfaction

84% of surveyed IT organizations are likely to recommend Ixia Security Solutions.*


Ixia Security Solutions Customer Research

How many customer records do you manage?

<10,000: 73%
Between 10,000-100,000: 7%
Between 100,000-250,000: 1%
250,000+: 19%

Ixia Security Solutions Customer Research

How many employees do you have?

2,000 to 10,000
10,000 to 25,000
25,000 to 50,000
50,000 +

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About Ixia Security Solutions

Ixia helps to protect customers against the unpredictable world of IT and security threats through actionable insight into the performance, stability and security of their applications and networks.

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