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iOFFICE allows our teams to centrally store and retrieve data, report on data, and quote jobs. This has greatly reduced our issue of losing data and has made us more efficient in servicing our customers.

Jeremiah Kimento, Director, Merrill Corporation

iOFFICE Facilities Management allows a single source for tracking and managing assets, work orders and other items that are often very disorganized.

Manager, Large Enterprise Health Care Company

We were an entirely manual process prior to iOFFICE. We now have a partnership with IT in the move process and all employees have access to seating maps to find other employees. The work order system will replace an email system and allow for better tracking and reporting of requests.

Will Martin, Facilities Director, Health Management Systems

Real-time information provided by iOFFICE was critical to our operations. High churn rate and rapid growth is a key component to our daily operations – having the ability to plan and forecast using scenarios is a must have tool to execute in a high-performance building/operation.

Manager, Fortune 500 Energy & Utilities Company

iOFFICE is assets, facilities, and offices all in one system. We’ve reduced man-hours by 50 to 75% to handle moves and tracking service requests.

Sabrina Kinney, Director Business Services, Real Estate and Facilities, Dynegy

Top 3 Reasons Customers Choose iOFFICE Over The Competition

  • 77% of surveyed users purchased and licensed iOFFICE because of its overall functionality.
  • 71% of surveyed users purchased and licensed iOFFICE because of ease of use.
  • 56% of surveyed users purchased and licensed iOFFICE because of configurability.

Merrill Corporation had a payback period of 4-6 months for their investment in iOFFICE.

Jeremiah Kimento, a Director at Merrill Corporation is very likely to recommend* iOFFICE Facilities Management for the following reason:

I have enjoyed our working relationship, responsiveness and creative thinking to our unique business needs.

iOFFICE has transformed our services platform for both end users services team.

Manager, Large Enterprise Computer Software Company

85% of surveyed users increased the productivity of their facilities team by 16-30% or more with iOFFICE.

84% of surveyed users improved their ability to track data and reporting by implementing iOFFICE at their organization.


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