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597 Customers Surveyed

4,914 Data Points Collected

71 Published TechFacts

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2 Published Case Studies

Selected Research Highlights

iOFFICE Facilities Management allows a single source for tracking and managing assets, work orders and other items that are often very disorganized.

Manager, Large Enterprise Health Care Company

What technology tools do you think would add value to your operation and ability to more effectively manage the workspace?

Enhanced space scenario planning
Room kiosks for reserving space
Sensor technology to capture data about people, spaces and assets
Energy optimization

Case Study: FaciliCorp


This case study of FaciliCorp is based on a February 2015 survey of iOFFICE Facilities Management customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“We are now able to quickly present (graphically) multiple options of move scenarios to present to our clients.”


  • Solved the following operational challenges by implementing iOFFICE at their organization:
    • Automated manual processes
    • Improved access to real-time information about activity and performance
    • Improved responsiveness to customer requests
  • Purchased and licensed iOFFICE because of the following operational purchasing drivers:
    • Its ease of use
    • Its overall functionality
    • Its modular approach
    • The mobile applications
    • Price
    • Flexibility
    • Configurability
    • The ability to implement and use the product within 90 days

Use Case

  • Is using the following mobility apps offered by iOFFICE:
    • Space
  • Utilizes the reporting functionality for the following:
    • Service/resource justification
    • Day to day management
    • Presentations to executives


  • Evaluated the following vendors before licensing iOFFICE:
    • Archibus
    • FM Systems
    • Manhattan
  • Rates the following iOFFICE capabilities in terms of how differentiated they are from the competition:
    • Ease of use: very highly differentiated
    • Flexibility/configurability: very differentiated
    • Mobility: differentiated
    • Price: very highly differentiated
  • Had a payback period of 1-3 months for their investment in iOFFICE.
  • Increased the productivity of their facilities team by 31-50% with iOFFICE.

How is your workforce able to identify the location of employees, events, and meetings in your office space?

Rely on email/calendar invite
Employee look up systems
Ask receptionist
Room kiosks on outside of meeting spaces

5/5 Stars

How our organization uses iOFFICE Facilities Management:

We use iOFFICE for space, move, directory, and work order management. We did not have a system previously, and it has added much needed visibility and functionality. We are in the process of adding mail and print modules to support our corporate mail and print department.

Would you recommend iOFFICE Facilities Management?

Yes. It is a simple, effective, and reasonably priced solution. iOFFICE works and doesn’t break the bank.

iOFFICE Case Study

Fortune 500 Wholesale Distribution Company


This case study of a Fortune 500 wholesale distribution company is based on an October 2019 survey of iOFFICE customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“Such a great program, it has already (and it’s new to us) helped so much. Our former program was badly written and hard to utilize, and we had to wait until the next day to refresh changes. SO much better now!”


The business challenges experienced prior to implementing iOFFICE:

  • Antiquated and lagging internal systems and wanting to leverage new tech built on best practices

Use Case

The key features and functionalities of iOFFICE that the surveyed company uses:

  • Implemented iOFFICE within 2-3 months.
  • Integrated 1-3 of their corporate systems (HR, Badge, IoT, Remedy, Calendar) with iOFFICE.
  • Rates iOFFICE on the following compared to competitive solutions they have used:
    • Analytics (insight & reporting): Superior
    • Visibility into their CRE portfolio: Superior
    • Customer Support: Best in class
    • Ease of use: Superior
    • Employee adoption of app: Superior
    • Features & functionality: Best in class
    • Implementation: Best in class


The surveyed company achieved the following results with iOFFICE:

  • Experienced a reduction in systems (system consolidation)
  • Agrees with the following statements:
    • They have a better understanding of who, when, and how often conference rooms are being utilized
    • IOFFICE listens to them and incorporates their feedback into its solutions
    • IOFFICE provides a simplified, consumer-like experience for their workforce
  • Rates improvements seen in the following areas since implementing iOFFICE:
    • Increased workforce productivity: 50-99%
    • Improved customer satisfaction: 100%+
    • Enhanced employee experience: 100%+
    • Improved visibility into CRE portfolio to make better, informed decisions: 100%+
    • Improved utilization of free address space: 100%+

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