TechValidate Market Research Commissioned by IBM

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1,478 Professionals Surveyed

10,457 Data Points Collected

83 Published TechFacts

32 Published Charts

Selected Research Highlights

TechValidate Market Research

Graph allows us to calculate the amount of money we’re spending and how much technology our business is using.

IT Manager, Medium Enterprise Computer Software Company

Graph Database Customer Research

Developers are Migrating Applications to Graph

What database technology were you using before adopting Graph technology?

Relational database: 50%
NoSQL database: 32%
New projects (no pre-existing database): 16%
Other: 2%

Graph Database Customer Research

Software companies current and planned use of Graph

What are the ways your organization is currently using or would plan to use Graph technology?

S Current S Planned

Forensics and Fraud (in applications)
Master Data Management (product lines, product configurations, customer relationships)
Network and IT Operations (assets, identity, bill of materials)
Personalization / Promotions / Real-time recommendations
Resource Optimization (people, hardware)

Graph Database Customer Testimonial

Yes, I would recommend Graph. It’s a more natural method for operations.

Founder, Small Business Computer Software Company

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