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Selected Research Highlights

HPE Vertica means insanely high query performance!

By what % have you increased query performance through improvement in response time with HPE Vertica?

Over 1,000%
500 – 1,000%
100 – 500%
50 – 100%
10 – 50%
0 – 10%

HPE Vertica means insanely high query performance!

By what % have you increased query performance through improvement in response time with HPE Vertica? Please provide your best estimate.

Over 1,000%
500 – 1,000%
100 – 500%
50 – 100%
10 – 50%
0 – 10%

HPE Vertica allowed us to do large scale analysis on our users which allowed us to find toxic behavior, game trends, and sales correlation we couldn’t do with other solutions.

Engineer, Medium Enterprise Computer Software Company

Case Study: Attensity


This case study of Attensity is based on a February 2013 survey of HP Vertica customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“By moving to Vertica, we are able to get past previous data size limits and scale as needed to handle ongoing data growth.”


  • Addressed the following pain points with the HPE Vertica Analytics Platform:
    • Slow or incomplete queries
    • The inability to analyze large volumes of data
    • Summarized or aggregated data, losing detail and insights
    • The prohibitive cost of adding capacity due to licensing or hardware
    • Performance limits with current system
    • Existing data warehouse/data management infrastructure that could not handle Big Data

Use Case

  • Is implementing the following applications with HPE Vertica:
    • Claims analyses
    • Fraud monitoring/prevention
    • Customer analytics
    • Predictive analytics
  • Currently managing 20 – 40 TB of data with HPE Vertica software.
  • Uses the following Business Intelligence (BI), visualization, and ETL tools in their environment:
    • Homegrown
    • Attensity Analyze


  • Values the following features in HPE Vertica software the most:
    • Extreme speed and performance
    • Massive scalability on industry-standard hardware
    • Simplicity
    • Standard SQL interface
    • Ease of interaction with existing BI tools through connectors and ODBC/JDBC
    • High availability without hardware redundancy
  • Achieved the following with HPE Vertica software:
    • Faster analysis and reporting
    • A more interactive, conversational view of our data
    • Increased amount and complexity of data analyzed
    • A reduction in database infrastructure costs
    • Ease of adding additional database capacity
  • Increased query performance by 500 – 1,000% through improvement in response time with HPE Vertica.
  • Is able to analyze 500 – 1,000% more data at one time with HPE Vertica.

Case Study: Large Enterprise Banking Company


This case study of a large enterprise banking company is based on a April 2015 survey of HP Information Governance solution customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“With HPE Records Management solution we are now compliant and ready for any regulatory requests that may come; we have flexible solutions that allow us to adapt to any regulatory changes. Also we have centralized our RIM process and are able to protect the Banks reputation by being able to assess and understand our large volume of data.”


  • Addressed the following challenges by using HPE Information Governance solutions (formerly Autonomy):
    • The difficulty of retaining large volumes of books and records information in a compliant manner
    • The inability to respond to regulatory requests in a timely manner
    • The challenge of reconstructing events with intelligence and context
    • The inability to proactively identify, access, and manage significant annual data growth with confidence.
    • The limited ability to classify business information from non-business information that can be defensibly disposed
  • Agrees with the following statements related to information governance as it related to the Financial Service Industry:
    • With escalating regulations and expanding data volumes it is imperative to implement a holistic information governance strategy to maintain compliance and avoid financial and regulatory consequences
    • Many organizations are still relying on legacy information governance solutions which were not designed to handle today’s volume and diversity of information including IM, social media, and voice

Use Case

  • Plans on doing the following Information Governance projects within the next 12 months:
    • Information Archiving project
    • Unstructured Data Management project
    • Structured Data Management project
    • Big Data analytics project
  • Presently use the following HPE Software products and solutions for information governance:
    • HPE Structured Data Manager for structured data archiving and application retirement
    • HPE Records Manager for scalable electronic document and records management
    • HPE ControlPoint to identify, access, clean up, and control data across the enterprise
    • TRIM, IDOL
  • Manages the following types of information with HPE Software’s Information Governance products and solutions:
    • Email
    • Files
    • Structured data/databases
    • IM/text
    • Voice


  • Find the following HPE Software Information Governance products and solutions the most valuable:
    • Deep financial services domain experience and expertise
    • Massive scalability
    • Security in the world’s largest, private cloud
    • Conceptual and contextual analytics
    • User friendly interfaces
    • End-to-end information governance framework (archiving, eDiscovery, etc.)
    • Connector framework to capture most enterprise information
    • Access, understand, and analyze human information
  • Achieved the following Information Governance results, benefits, and improvements using HPE’s solutions:
    • Reduced operational and legal costs
    • Expanded scalability to support skyrocketing information growth
    • Increased performance
    • Improved end user experience through efficient and transparent access to information
    • Improved litigation readiness
    • Decreased the time it takes to respond to internal or regulatory requests
    • Mitigated risk of penalties or sanctions
  • Improved the following with HPE Software’s Information Governance solutions:
    • Responsiveness to investigations: > 50%
    • Reduction in operational costs: > 50%
    • Reduction in legal costs: > 50%

HPE Vertica offers blazingly fast performance and we have achieved almost 80% in savings since using it.

IT Manager, Medium Enterprise Telecommunications Services Company

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