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Selected Research Highlights

With HPE Vertica Software – stable and scalable

Vertica provides a more stable and scalable environment than the other solution we currently use.

Igor Polishchuk, Sr Staff DBA, Bazaarvoice

Holistic information governance strategy for FSI key to avoid regulatory consequences

Which of the following statements related to information governance as it related to the Financial Services Industry do you agree with?

With escalating regulations and expanding data volumes it is imperative to implement a holistic information governance strategy to maintain compliance and avoid financial and regulatory consequences
Without insightful intelligence about your information it is difficult to derive value from your most important asset in order to make business decisions and respond to investigations in a timely manner.
Many organizations are still relying on legacy information governance solutions which were not designed to handle today’s volume and diversity of information including IM, social media, and voice

Case Study: Large Enterprise Computer Services Company


This case study of a large enterprise computer services company is based on a February 2016 survey of HPE Vertica customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“We are using HPE Vertica to improve query performance in analytic processes and to integrate it with several applications using Hadoop.”

“I will recommend it to my co-workers so that they can implement solutions that require critical analytics solutions and solid data warehouse improvement.”

“With HPE Vertica, the query performance of the data warehouse process has been increased successfully. There are several requirements in the company focused on analytics process that will be using HPE Vertica as part of new infrastructures.”

“HPE Vertica has a very good performance and some advantages over their competitors. Also, it has good integrations with BigData.”


  • Uses HPE Vertica for the following:
    • Customer analytics
    • Loyalty analytics
    • Predictive analytics
    • Campaign management
    • Enterprise Data Warehouse optimization
  • Replaced the following vendors with HPE Vertica:
    • HPE Vertica is our primary solution

Use Case

  • Currently manages 6 – 20 TB of data with HPE Vertica.
  • Uses the following Business Intelligence (BI), Visualization and/or ETL tools in their environment with HPE Vertica:
    • ETL: Hadoop
    • ETL : Informatica – Power Center
    • BI: Qlikview/QlikSense
  • Uses the following Advanced Analytics and/or Replication tools in their environment with HPE Vertica:
    • I don’t know if we’re using advanced analytics or not.


  • The following are the most valuable HPE Vertica capabilities:
    • Massive scalability on industry-standard hardware
    • Standard SQL interface
    • Simultaneous loading and querying
    • Database designer and administration tools
    • Ease of interaction with existing BI tools & ETL tools

HPE Vertica provides analytics for a wide range of applications

Which of the following applications are you implementing with HP Vertica?

Promotional testing
Claims analyses
Patient records analyses
Clinical data analyses
Fraud monitoring/prevention
Financial tracking
Tick data back-testing
Behavior analytics
Clickstream analyses
Network performance analyses
Cyber security monitoring/prevention
Customer analytics
Compliance testing
Loyalty analysis
Predictive analytics
Campaign management
Machine/sensor data analysis

Case Study: Game Show Network, Llc


This case study of Game Show Network, LLC is based on a February 2013 survey of HP Vertica customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“Vertica has enabled us to run an unorthodox etl strategy based on generic columns which allows our engineers to quickly identify important data points and add that data to the datawarehouse without support from the BI team. It has also enabled us to run complex reports and load data much faster (orders of magnitude) than our legacy databases.”


  • Addressed the following pain points with the HPE Vertica Analytics Platform:
    • Slow or incomplete queries
    • The inability to analyze large volumes of data
    • Summarized or aggregated data, losing detail and insights
    • Existing data warehouse/data management infrastructure that could not handle Big Data

Use Case

  • Is implementing the following applications with HPE Vertica:
    • Promotional testing
    • Fraud monitoring/prevention
    • Financial tracking
    • Behavior analytics
    • Clickstream analyses
    • Customer analytics
    • Loyalty analysis
    • Predictive analytics
    • Campaign management
    • Machine/sensor data analysis
  • Currently managing 10 – 20 TB of data with HPE Vertica software.
  • Uses the following Business Intelligence (BI), visualization, and ETL tools in their environment:
    • Business Objects Crystal Reports
    • Microsoft Integrated Services
    • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
    • Tableau
    • Homegrown
    • web-based using javascript html5


  • Values the following features in HPE Vertica software the most:
    • Extreme speed and performance
    • Simplicity
    • Standard SQL interface
    • Simultaneous loading and querying
    • Aggressive compression
    • Ease of interaction with existing BI tools through connectors and ODBC/JDBC
    • Optimizer and execution engine
  • Achieved the following with HPE Vertica software:
    • Faster analysis and reporting
    • The ability to load and analyze data concurrently
    • Greater business insight
    • Greater financial insight
    • Improved insight into customer behaviors
    • Increased amount and complexity of data analyzed
    • High availability for analytics systems
  • Is able to analyze 100 – 500% more data at one time with HPE Vertica.

Instant response time with HPE Vertica

With Vertica we got our app response time to less than a second with no DBA tuning.

Engineer, Medium Enterprise Computer Software Company

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