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Selected Research Highlights

Usage of HPE PPM By Business Unit

Which business areas / units are using HPE PPM?

Corporate Real Estate

HPE PPM enables improved management visibility

HPE’s PPM has improved management’s visibility on the project’s status. This helped with our resource and financial planning.

Chief Technology Officer, Large Enterprise Banking Company

HPE PPM customers have a wide range of users

How many users of HPE PPM do you currently have in your organization?

10,000 +

Simplified user experience of HPE PPM 9.2 will improve user adoption

The new user experience of HPE PPM 9.2 should greatly improve performance for our users, which in turn will increase user adoption and willingness to use the tool. One huge benefit for our organization in this area is the asynchronous portlet load feature.

Application Manager, Medium Enterprise Health Care Company

Case Study: Global 500 Banking Company


This case study of a Global 500 banking company is based on a March 2012 survey of HP Project and Portfolio Management customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“Deploying HPE PPM Software has enabled our company to scale our processes related to tracking project details especially financials.”


  • Addressed the following challenges with their HPE Project and Portfolio Management solution:
    • Managed different proposals and projects more efficiently
    • Updated project financials and status efficiently

Use Case

  • Supports 100-500 users on their HPE Project and Portfolio Management solution.
  • The following business units use their HPE Project and Portfolio Management solution:
    • Information/Technology
    • Corporate Real Estate
    • Finance
  • Employs their HPE Project and Portfolio Management solution in production to:
    • Capture and manage strategic demands
    • Maintain visibility of overall status of all in-flight projects and programs
    • Manage project tasks and activities
    • Track and manage the portfolio of proposals and projects
    • Strategic planning and management for priority discussions on all proposals, projects, programs and assets
    • Manage project financials to ensure effective cost controls
    • Track and manage project risks and issues
    • Track and manage project change requests
    • Manage project-related costs and budgets
    • Manage application lifecycle to maximize the value of investments


  • Described an improvement demand management in the following areas with their HPE Project and Portfolio Management solution:
    • Increased visibility into future proposals and initiatives
    • Improved visibility into the numbers and types of demands coming in
    • Consistent and transparent governance process
  • Improved project and program management in the following ways with their HPE Project and Portfolio Management solution:
    • Understanding the actual project costs
    • Consistently enforcing standards and methodologies
  • Improved overall project success by 10% – 20%.

Case Study: Smart Communications, Inc


This case study of Smart Communications, Inc is based on a January 2013 survey of HP Project and Portfolio Management customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“The new user interface provides better navigation through the different information in PPMC, allowing specific users to jump to useful information quickly. The Agile Manager aligns with the roadmap of some engagement teams to use the Agile approach to project delivery.

The improved integration with ALMC also allows for more helpful real-time reports."


  • Addresses the following challenges with HPE PPM:
    • Demand Management/Demand Prioritization
    • Portfolio management
    • Resource management/utilization
    • Project/Program Management
    • Time Management
    • Application Portfolio Management
    • Project/Program/Application Financial Management

Use Case

  • Currently has 1000-5000 users of HPE PPM in their organization.
  • Will upgrade to production for HPE PPM 9.20 within next 3-4 months.


  • Chose the following as the most valuable HPE PPM 9.20 functionalities based on their environment:
    • Improved user interface: clean and intuitive design for ease of use
    • Integration with HPE Agile Manager as they have agile projects
    • Integration with HPE Application Lifecycle Manager or HPE Quality Center
    • Mobile PPM Enterprise mini-application: Access to PPM Time sheets/time management approval mini-app designed specifically for mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones
  • Could achieve the following top benefits with PPM 9.2:
    • Improved user adoption due to improved intuitive user experience
    • Comprehensive view and one-stop management of all projects, IT or non-IT and Agile or traditional
    • Improved collaboration in engineering across the complete application lifecycle.
    • Improved agility – The integrations enable planning of project milestones and resources and enforcement and automation of processes and workflows across the application lifecycle and across all agile and traditional projects
    • Reduced costs.- The integrations enable prioritizing user tasks and work items, efficient management of resources and automation of key administration tasks across PPM and ALM.
    • Consolidated view – Ability to integrate more easily with Application Lifecycle Manager (ALM) giving access to new dashboards /content relating to quality and requirement metrics in addition to time, resource, issues and risks
    • Empowered connectivity- Time sheets approvers (project managers) can connect to corporate Time management system mini-app on the go
  • Will improve user adoption of PPM by 25-50% through the new features in PPM 9.2.
  • Reduced the time to execute projects by 25-50% due to the new improvements in PPM 9.2.

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