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1,468 Data Points Collected

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Selected Research Highlights

Case Study: Small Business Computer Services Company


This case study of a small business computer services company is based on a June 2012 survey of HP Business Service Automation customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“We now have visibility into our storage arrays and are able to troubleshoot application performance issues.

With HP Storage Essentials we are able to manage storage capacity with regard for performance capacity not just physical disk space."


  • Implemented HP Storage Essentials to address the following requirements:
    • Deliver timely reports for compliance, showback, capacity, etc
    • Manage year-over-year growth in capacity and complexity with the same team size
    • Increase % of capacity utilization level

Use Case

  • Has 250-500TB storage capacity managed by Storage Essentials in their environment.
  • Meets storage efficiency metrics including the following with Storage Essentials:
    • Productivity or the amount of storage managed by a storage administrator
    • Average capacity utilization


  • Found the following Storage Essentials features were the most useful to their organization:
    • Optimizing virtual storage pools
    • Agentless architecture
    • Reporting and Dashboards
  • Reduced time spent on performance trouble shooting by 12 to 24 man-hours per month.
  • Reduced time time spent on asset tracking, asset inventory and asset details, topology documentation and configuration monitoring, and generating consolidated reports by 12 to 24 man-hours per month.
  • Decreased average capacity utilization levels by 20 to 40% with Storage Essentials via reclamation of wasted capacity and optimized provisioning.

HP Datacenter Automation solution improves operational efficiency

Which of the following are the most critical processes that you are automating or would like to automate leveraging HP Software?

Provisioning, de-provisioning and management of servers
Provisioning, patching, or release management of databases or application servers
Enforcement of security and compliance policies (across the infrastructure)Patching, maintenance and runbook remediation tasks
Apply enterprise-wide configuration updates to network devices
End-to-end provisioning of an application—starting at the server, storage, network to the database & middleware layer to the application itself
Dynamically adjusting storage capacity up and down
Automating application deployment from App Development to IT Operations to shorten the process

Storage Essentials has increased our performance

HP Storage Essentials has increased performance and helped manage our costs.

IT Architect, State & Local Government

Case Study: Fortune 500 Financial Services Company


This case study of a Fortune 500 financial services company is based on a May 2010 survey of HP Business Service Automation customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“Business Services Automation Essentials’ (BSAE) drag-and-drop reporting feature has made it easier for us to build reports than its predecessor, HP Service Automation Reporter (SAR).”

“We can report on exactly what is useful to us. The limits have been removed and replaced with flexibility and customization.

The options prior to BSAE were good, but now it’s gone to the next level."


  • Solve the following IT and business challenges with HP BSAE 2.0:
    • Quickly create ad hoc reports and report across IT domains from a simple web UI
    • Analyze compliance across data centers, server or network domains, and geography
    • Control virtual machines by reporting on the physical server-to-virtual-machine relationship
    • Optimize automated processes with a 360 degree view across servers and network

Use Case

  • Uses BSAE in the following use models:
    • Build and view reports in real-time via the web client
    • Schedule reports and email results to various stakeholders
  • Sends HP BSAE-generated reports to the following individuals:
    • All levels
  • Have the following BSA products integrated with BSAE for reporting tasks:
    • HP Server Automation software
    • HP Network Automation software
    • HP Operations Orchestration software
    • Another vendor’s CMDB software


  • Find the following BSAE 2.0 features to be the most useful:
    • Building custom reports using the drag-and-drop method
    • Cross-domain historical data collection & reporting
    • Ability to schedule and build interactive reports
    • Web-based access for building & viewing reports
    • Clickable reports for drill-down reporting
    • customization / greater flexibility than in SAR
  • Rated the ease of new report creation with HP BSAE 2.0 as easy.
  • Can create a report on their own based on the HP BSAE official documentation.

HP Datacenter automation solution improves operational efficiency

What were the business and technology drivers for automating your datacenter?

Automation is part of our cloud initiative
Wanted to automate manual routine tasks associated with our servers, storage, and/or network
Wanted to deploy a business-oriented, policy-driven automation solution
Wanted to automate IT business processes using standards and best practices
Wanted to become more agile at delivering services to our Line of Businesses (LOBs)
Wanted to respond quickly to the App Dev teams who were rapidly introducing new apps
Wanted to stay compliant with industry regulations and our company’s policies & procedures

HP BSA ensures compliance

Deploying HP BSA has helped us ensure that our network devices are compliant to both internal and external policies. If a change is needed, we can utilize Network Automation to update the configurations quickly and ensure that compliance has been achieved.

Engineer, Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

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