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284 Professionals Surveyed

2,344 Data Points Collected

14 Published TechFacts

8 Published Charts

Selected Research Highlights

TechValidate Market Research

Cloud Adoption Market Research Statistic

68% of surveyed IT organizations see concern about the security of cloud computing solutions as an obstacle in executing on their cloud adoption plan.

TechValidate Market Research

Cloud Adoption Market Research Statistic

82% of IT organizations agreed with the following statement:

“Having the ability to seamlessly move data securely between cloud providers would be of significant value to my cloud strategy.”

TechValidate Market Research

Hybrid Arrays are the Preferred Flash Storage

What would be your preferred option for implementing “flash-based” technologies into your production environment?

Upgrade of existing storage system(s): 41%
Included as an option in the procurement of a new system: 40%
As an all-flash array: 19%
TechValidate Market Research

Data Migration Continues to Challenge Organizatons

Please classify the challenges for your business of moving data between one midrange storage system to another:

Degraded Performance
Lower Availability
Risk of data-loss
Requires additional time and effort

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