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284 Professionals Surveyed

2,344 Data Points Collected

14 Published TechFacts

8 Published Charts

Selected Research Highlights

TechValidate Market Research

Cloud deployment plans

What are your deployment plans for cloud adoption?

On-Premise and Consumed as a service
On-Premise and Purchased and run yourself
Off-Premise and Consumed as a Service
Off-Premise and Purchased and run yourself
TechValidate Market Research

Best Applications for Flash Storage

What application use cases are best suited for “Flash-based” technologies?

Increasing the transaction rates for online transactional processing (OLTP) databases
Reducing the response time for online analytical processing (OLAP) databases
Providing faster access to database indexes, log files, or temporary table spaces
Improve the performance of a random workload in a virtualized server environment
Improving the boot time of virtualized desktops
Improving the response time for virtualized desktop applications
TechValidate Market Research

Single instance migration and management is key to a successful cloud strategy

A large enterprise insurance company finds the ability to migrate objects between cloud instances valuable to the development and maintenance of their cloud strategy.

TechValidate Market Research

The Primary Challenge of Data Migration

77% of surveyed IT organizations agree the main challenge of moving data between one midrange storage system to another is additional time and effort.

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