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Selected Research Highlights

Hitachi Replication Solutions Deliver Performance, Reliability, and Return on Investment

Rate the following in terms of how differentiated Hitachi replication products are compared to other storage vendors.

S Excellent S Very Good S Good S Poor


Hitachi Replication Solutions Are Easier To Use Than Backup

ITS, Inc. purchased Hitachi Thin Image software because they were trying to save on disk space and/or cost, it is easier to use compared to other backup approaches, and it is an effective tool to facilitate copying and migration of production data.

We have had a very good experience with HDS replication tools. Issues have been minimal, and it has proven itself to be a stable product.

Jason Schimming, Manager, Infrastructure, Facilities and Storage, Latrobe University

Hitachi Offers Flexible Configurations for Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

Describe your primary geographical recovery / data-copy distance requirements:

Copy data locally, within a storage system only: 17%
Replicate remotely, no more than a short campus / office building distance: 15%
Replicate remotely, short distance less than 200 miles / 320 km: 27%
Replicate data long distance, over 200 miles / over 320 km: 14%
A combination of the above: 23%
Other: 3%

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About Hitachi Data Protection

Hitachi Data Protection allows customers to tightly integrate snapshot, replication and persistent copies that are application-aware, secure, deduplicated, managed and accessible from a single platform.

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