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Selected Research Highlights

Hitachi Data Protection Customer Statistic

97% of surveyed IT organizations store business-critical database applications, such as transaction processing, CRM, or ERP, in their most important enterprise storage systems.


Hitachi Replication Solutions Deliver Performance, Reliability, and Return on Investment

Rate the following in terms of how differentiated Hitachi replication products are compared to other storage vendors.

S Excellent S Very Good S Good S Poor


Hitachi Replication Solutions Save on Disk Space Costs

A small business health care company purchased Hitachi Thin Image software because they were trying to save on disk space and/or cost, it was faster to implement than using full volume cloning or disk mirroring, and has an ability to make multiple working copies of production data at low disk cost.

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform Customer Research

The use of modern data protection, including snapshots and clones, for critical data, is becoming mainstream

Thinking of your most critical data stored on enterprise storage arrays, what do you use for local backup and recovery?

Traditional enterprise software (or appliances), such as Hitachi Data Protection Suite, Commvault, EMC Networker, HPE Data Protector, IBM TSM / Spectrum Protect, or Veritas (Symantec) NetBackup
Specific application-specific software, such as Veeam for VMware or RMAN for Oracle
Storage-based snapshots (Thin Image) or clones (ShadowImage)
Storage-based data protection automation and orchestration software, such as Hitachi Data Instance Director

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About Hitachi Data Protection

Hitachi Data Protection allows customers to tightly integrate snapshot, replication and persistent copies that are application-aware, secure, deduplicated, managed and accessible from a single platform.

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