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Selected Research Highlights

Hitachi Replication Manager software is a Powerful, Comprehensive Tool

If you are currently using Hitachi Replication Manager along with your replication products, please indicate business / IT reasons that motivated your purchase.

To assist as a hardware set up and configuration management tool
To assist as a replication software set up and configuration management tool
To assist as a replication operations monitoring and alert tool
To assist with the management of a large number of replication pairs
GUI is easier to use than just command line interfaces (CLI) or Hitachi Storage Navigator
Its integrated application aware split-mirror capability for Microsoft applications (e.g., Exchange, SQL)

As a mainframe customer using Hitachi’s True Copy and Shadow Image products, we are satisfied that the recovery capability provided by these solutions safeguard us against environmental events, as well as infrastructure failures.

IT Management, Medium Enterprise Financial Services Company

We installed this with VMware’s SRM. With assistance from professional services it went reasonably well, and has been running flawlessly ever since.

Glenn Dondale, IT Capacity Management, Shared Services Canada

Storage-Based Replication Can Serve Many Needs

What business objectives motivated your Hitachi replication solution purchase?

Needed to relieve strained backup window time pressures
Needed quick, general local data backup capabilities (not for a full disaster recovery solution)
To create and retain a golden image copy of data (as a precaution)
Needed an alternative to tape-based backup
Was unsatisfied with existing replication solution
To implement a disaster recovery solution
Volume of data being backed up is too large to handle manually

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About Hitachi Data Protection

Hitachi Data Protection allows customers to tightly integrate snapshot, replication and persistent copies that are application-aware, secure, deduplicated, managed and accessible from a single platform.

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