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Selected Research Highlights

Hitachi Replication Solutions Deliver Performance, Reliability, and Return on Investment

Rate the following in terms of how differentiated Hitachi replication products are compared to other storage vendors.

S Excellent S Very Good S Good S Poor


Hitachi Data Protection Customer Fact

Tata Consultancy Services considers 75-99% of their data to be “Mission Critical.”

92% Say Hitachi Replication Solutions Are Effective

Please rate the effectiveness of Hitachi data replication products in meeting your specific data replication requirements.

Very effective: 45%
Effective: 47%
Not effective: 8%

Hitachi replication products are very easy to implement and its reliability is outstanding.

Jeff Blough, IT Systems Analyst, ITS Inc.

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About Hitachi Data Protection

Hitachi Data Protection allows customers to tightly integrate snapshot, replication and persistent copies that are application-aware, secure, deduplicated, managed and accessible from a single platform.

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