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Selected Research Highlights

Storage-Based Snapshots Are Used for Many Purposes

If you are a user of Hitachi Thin Image software, what business objective / IT challenges motivated your use?

Trying to save on disk space and/or cost
The performance / resiliency of full clones are not required
Faster to implement than using full volume cloning or disk mirroring
Less disruptive than other back up alternatives (such as full volume cloning or disk mirroring)
Easier to use compared to other backup approaches
Effective tool to facilitate copying and migration of production data

Hitachi Data Protection Customer Research

Business-critical applications require enterprise-class storage systems

What workloads or data types do you store on your most important enterprise storage systems?

Business-critical database applications, such as transaction processing, CRM, ERP
E-business applications, such as websites, portals, or social media
Content or document management, systems of record
User data and office files, including virtual desktops
Custom applications not covered above

Hitachi Replication Solutions Can Replace Tape Backup

A medium enterprise financial services company purchased their Hitachi replication solution because they needed an alternative to tape-based backup.

Instantly Create Data Clones For Any Purpose

67% of surveyed IT organizations use Hitachi ShadowImage In-System Replication when copying / replicating data locally, within a storage system only.

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About Hitachi Data Protection

Hitachi Data Protection allows customers to tightly integrate snapshot, replication and persistent copies that are application-aware, secure, deduplicated, managed and accessible from a single platform.

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