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Selected Research Highlights

HemoCue Customer Research

What were the top reasons for choosing HemoCue® WBC DIFF System?

Provides fast and lab-accurate results at the point of care within 5 minutes
Easy to use - only 3 simple steps for results in minutes
Possibility to accelerate the process of assessment to treatment
Trusted manufacturer with more than 35 years of experience

HemoCue Customer Fact

Traceability to laboratory method – A reason to choose HemoCue Glucose 201

A medium sized healthcare company decided to choose HemoCue Glucose 201 because it is traceable to laboratory method.

HemoCue Customer Research

What challenges were you experiencing with your previous system for White Blood Cell count (before choosing HemoCue® WBC DIFF System)?

Long (turn-around-time) TAT for tests sent to laboratory
Decision making only after results received from laboratory
Time consuming for patient and physician (waiting and visit to laboratory for test)
Multiple variables in test results but only a few used for decision
Large sample volumes
Complex sampling

HemoCue Customer Fact

3 situations when you can consider choosing HemoCue Glucose 201

A small business healthcare unit was experiencing the following challenges with their previous system:

  • Time-consuming process for sending results to the laboratory
  • Limited options for sampling (only venous or arterial blood)
  • Frequent calibration needed

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