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609 Customers Surveyed

5,716 Data Points Collected

103 Published TechFacts

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Selected Research Highlights

GoToWebinar Customer Research

What other webinar solutions did you evaluate or previously use before choosing GoToWebinar?

Skype for Business
Adobe Connect

GoToWebinar Customer Statistic

4/5 Stars

78% of surveyed users rated GoToWebinar as 4 or higher. 

GoToWebinar Customer Satisfaction Rating

Why do you recommend GoToWebinar?

A Project Manager at an enterprise security products & services company says:

I like that GoToWebinar is very intuitive and easy to navigate. I prefer this platform over WebEx.

GoToWebinar Customer Research

How does GoToWebinar help you drive business value?

Do you agree with the following statements about GoToWebinar?

Agree Disagree

GoToWebinar improves training and learning retention
GoToWebinar improves my marketing performance
GoToWebinar is the best way to engage a large remote audience
GoToWebinar helps me raise brand awareness
GoToWebinar helps my company make authentic connections at scale

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About GoToWebinar

GoToWebinar makes it easy to reach your audience and deliver webinars that drive results. Pick a compelling topic, invite guest speakers and include polls and surveys for truly interactive presentations. With built-in reports, analytics and full-service registration, GoToWebinar software helps you generate a list of your most engaged attendees, so your sales team can turn qualified leads into customers.

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