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2,420 Customers Surveyed

15,932 Data Points Collected

455 Published TechFacts

11 Published Charts

Selected Research Highlights

Gong Customer Testimonial

Any time obstacles or risks are presented in the sales process we go right to Gong in order to make sense of how we can come out on top. Additionally, the new ‘at risk’ emails have been awesome.

Chris Ziomek, VP Sales, Passport

Gong Customer Testimonial

I wouldn’t know how to survive in a remote setting without Gong.

Nick LeBlanc, Sales Manager, Alyce

Gong Customer Research

Sales Leaders – Business Challenges

What business challenges was your organization experiencing before using Gong?

We needed to level up the skills of our reps
We had limited visibility into what our sales teams were doing
We needed to improve our understanding of our deals and pipeline
We wanted to know how the market was responding to our sales motion/product
Our previous solution did not meet our needs

Gong Customer Research

Sales Leaders – Benefits of Using Gong

What benefits has your organization seen since using Gong?

Decreased employee ramp time / average onboarding time
Improved win rates
Increased qualified opportunities
Insights from Gong revealed things about the business that even I didn’t know about
Helped save at-risk deals
Decreased sales cycle length
Higher deal size
Retention and growth of existing customers

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About Gong

The patented Gong Revenue Intelligence Platform captures and understands every customer interaction then delivers insights at scale, empowering revenue teams to make decisions based on data instead of opinions.

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