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Getinge Customer Research

The design of the IABP SHOCK II trial has several limitations. We still need contemporary data to determine the role of IABP therapy in cardiogenic shock from Acute MI.

True: 81%
False: 19%

Getinge Customer Research

How comfortable and confident would you say members of your team are in caring for patients receiving IABP therapy.

Very comfortable and confident
Somewhat comfortable and confident
Extremely comfortable and confident
Not comfortable and confident

Getinge Customer Fact

Zenaida Carbon believes that using inotropes with IABP therapy should be done with caution as their mechanism of action may negate the positive effects of IABP therapy and therefore limit the balloon pumps effectiveness since they negatively affect the myocardial oxygen consumption.

Getinge Customer Satisfaction

81% of surveyed professionals are likely to recommend Getinge.*

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