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Fuze Customer Statistic

91% of surveyed workers said Fuze has been integral in their transition to remote work.


fuze Case Study

Micro Focus


Micro Focus is one of the world’s largest enterprise software providers. Micro Focus helps their customers accelerate, simplify, secure, and analyze their business and operations across the four core pillars of digital transformation. By bridging their existing and emerging technologies, enabling them to run, transform, and adapt. This case study of MicroFocus is based on an October 2020 survey of Fuze customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“As one of the global telco admins, the biggest key reason to choose Fuze was that I didn’t have to manage any more physical PBXs or all the supporting cards and wires and cables and everything. We needed a single provider to handle all of our telecommunications needs with minimal reliance on local hardware and circuit, while providing us the lowest costs. Fuze fits that bill. Fuze delivers our voice infrastructure at a global level while providing us the greatest flexibility to work from nearly anywhere with an internet connection. We didn’t even know how transformational our move to Fuze would be, if we were still on our old system our company would be scrambling to find a service our users could utilize in this global pandemic, but because we were already fully using the Fuze platform, when the pandemic hit, we were able to switch from working in the office, to working from ANYWHERE instantly. I still don’t think our company recognizes the power that Fuze gave us, but as one of the global telco admins, I CERTAINLY do!”
— D SKye Hodges, IT Technician at Micro Focus


The business challenges that led Micro Focus to evaluate and ultimately select Fuze:

  • Difficulty managing on-premises and traditional communications systems across geographies
  • Disparate communications solutions
  • Costly communications solutions
  • Inability to ensure business continuity

Use Case

Micro Focus is using Fuze to power its communications and collaboration across its 10,000 end users.

  • Overall Satisfaction with Fuze products and services:
    • Calling: Very Satisfied
    • Meetings: Satisfied
    • Chatting: Satisfied
    • Contact Center: Very Satisfied


Micro Focus achieved the following results with Fuze:

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved ability to work from home
  • Improve customer experience or satisfaction
  • Reduced cost and complexity
  • Increased time savings in deploying and/or training employees
  • Improved security and business continuity

Fuze Customer Research

How will back to school impact your work scenario?

My kids will maintain distance learning so I will need to juggle work and schooling priorities
My kids will be returning to school in the fall so my work schedule won’t be impacted
My kids will return to school part-time and continue distance learning so I will need to juggle work and schooling priorities
We are waiting to learn what our school district will do

Top Challenges While Working Remotely

Connecting with people.
Just be patient and follow the guidelines.

Dean Schneyer, Business Professional, Kronos Incorporated

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