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98% Agree, Superb Networking!

How would you rate the networking at the Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange?

Outstanding: 43%
Very good: 39%
Good: 16%
Poor: 2%

This Is No Ordinary Event (Sponsorship)

What makes the Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange so unique and valuable in comparison to other events your company sponsors?

Positioning of vendors as peers
The ratio of decision makers in attendance
An environment that fosters relationship building
Nonstop networking
Guaranteed meetings with true decision makers

Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange Case Study

Growth, Innovation and Leadership: Silicon Valley: Participant Case Study


This case study of Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies Corporation is based on a September 2016 survey of Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“Networking and Future Market Dynamics.”


The business challenges that led the profiled company to evaluate and ultimately select Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange:

  • Problems that plague today’s “traditional” trade show and conference include:
    • Speakers which are not qualified to present on a topic/content which does not stay on point
    • Content being a one-way push from the podium with little interaction or Q&A
    • Presentations which produce too few action items and takeaways
    • Limited networking, dull activities, and difficult-to-build relationships due to a transient audience
    • Lack of community amongst event participants

Use Case

The key features and functionalities of Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange that the surveyed company uses:

  • Evaluates the following as some of the most important factors when deciding on an event:
    • The speakers
    • The content
  • The unique interactive structure of Frost & Sullivan’s GIL: Silicon Valley leads to:
    • Increased networking & relationship building
    • More value overall
  • Recommends that 4 team member(s) are sent to Frost & Sullivan’s GIL: Silicon Valley.
  • Would be more likely to inquire about Frost & Sullivan’s GIL: Silicon Valley’s services if a solution provider sponsored them.


The surveyed company achieved the following results with Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange:

  • Generated 15 business and/or personal relationships at Frost & Sullivan’s GIL: Silicon Valley.
  • Evaluates the value of the content received as being timely and relevant.
  • would attend a Frost & Sullivan GIL: Silicon Valley external event.
  • Would strongly recommend this event to their colleagues and/or peers.

The return that Steve Copeland received from the Customer Contact West 2015 Executive MindXchange is the business networking and best practices from key note speakers and panelist.

Sponsor Case Study: New Product Innovation & Development: A Frost & Sullivan MindXchange


This case study of a medium enterprise professional services company is based on a January 2016 survey of Executive MindXchange customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“Our services are highly trust-based. Therefore, we need to meet our clients in person, and these days that is increasingly difficult to do – if not impossible – from cold emails or phone calls. Other events are terrible, but the Frost events get us in front of the right folks, with no competitive pressures, in a relaxed and productive setting. Also, we are presented as peers, not vultures, so the whole dynamic is vastly improved.”


  • Finds traditional trade shows and conferences are plagued by the following sponsor challenges:
    • Transient audiences that drive few relationships
    • Content and presentations that are inconsistent and a one-way push from the podium
    • Limited networking and dull activities, resulting in lack of touch points with participants
    • Poor communication & customer service by organizers
    • A lack of true decision makers in attendance
    • Too much competition
    • A lack of ROI

Use Case

  • Reasons the Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange are unique and valuable.
    • Positioning of vendors as peers
    • The ratio of decision makers in attendance
    • An environment that fosters relationship building
    • Nonstop networking
    • Access & Time to Meet with True Decision Makers
  • They agree that Frost & Sullivan’s Executive MindXchange is the best sponsorship investment in the market.
  • Chose Frost & Sullivan’s Integrated Marketing Solutions Practice as a trusted marketing partner for the following reasons:
    • Ability to reach our target audience
    • Confidence in their ability to deliver as advertised


  • Generated 15 relationships with decision makers as a result of the Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange.
  • Agreed that the root causes of the demand generation activities that failed to deliver a return in the last 24 months were:
    • Due to the fact that the right messages were delivered to the wrong audience
  • Ability to generate ROI is 5 times as likely at the Frost & Sullivan MindXchange vs other events.
  • Would very strongly recommend sponsorship of the Frost & Sullivan MindXchange to a peer.
  • Generated a return that was 5 times the investment as a past sponsor.

Content is King! Speaker Faculty Deciding Factor for Event Attendance

73% of surveyed participants evaluate the speakers as one of their top three most important factors when deciding on an event.

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