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WORK Customer Testimonial

Time spent on scheduling through to invoicing has decreased by at least 50%.

Andrea Vandenberg, Business Operations, Telecable

WORK Customer Testimonial

WORK has helped us dispatch our drivers on time and know what to pick up and drop off on time with more than 25% efficiency.

Samuel Salgado, Fleet Manager, Surestaff

WORK Customer Testimonial

Overall, WORK has given us one platform from quote, job, to invoice. Having this platform has streamlined our company and received a very positive response from clients. It has reduced paperwork time for field users and office employees by over 50%.

John Crognale, Operations Manager, Service & Maintenance Corporation

WORK Customer Testimonial

We have seen an increase in technician service calls, finishing approximately 3 per week per technician. Time spent dispatching jobs to the field has decreased approximately 65%. Missed scheduled jobs has dropped to almost zero.

Phil Seward, Customer Support Manager, Texas Ace Heating & Air

WORK Customer Testimonial

We are able to get new jobs or job changes to our employees without a phone call to explain, we can put it in writing. This allows them to be more efficient in their day because they are not doing a lot of riding back to the office because they already have the job address and know what to do. Being able to take pictures of completed work is a great safety measure for us also.

Eddie Wester, Operations Manager, Harbin Lumber

WORK Customer Testimonial

We needed a cloud-based solution to allow me the freedom to manage our technicians without being tied to the office, but also requiring the functionality of our old server based system. Fleetmatics provides that freedom and allows me to do my job wherever I may be required.

Greg Nalley, CEO, Northside Power and Electric

Fleetmatics WORK Customer Testimonial

The best thing about Fleetmatics is the ability to integrate with QBO. It saves a ton of time not having to duplicate entries into our accounting software.

Laurie Whitesell, Assistant Manager, Comfort Zone of the Carolinas

Fleetmatics Customer Testimonial

It saves my drivers time and keeps them moving and the automated reports save our inside team a lot of hours every month.

Josh Leonhardt, Vice President, Leonhardt Pipe & Supply

Fleetmatics Customer Testimonial

How has Fleetmatics LogBook contributed to your overall success?

Driver ease of use, zero paperwork.

Jerry Lundy, Logistics Manager, Mingledorff's

Fleetmatics Customer Testimonial

The ability to track my trucks in real time and to assign drivers to multiple trucks in a day along with E-DVIR has increased productivity and lowered overall costs.

Brian Stubbs, Operations Leader, New Boston Concrete

Fleetmatics Customer Statistic

83% of surveyed customers use Fleetmatics’ Reports and Alerts to save time and money.

Fleetmatics Customer Testimonial

We are HOS violation-free for the last 12 months.

Tina Green, Fleet Compliance Analyst, Industrial Oils Unlimited

Fleetmatics Customer Testimonial

Fleetmatics has assisted significantly with our quarterly IFTA reporting.

Mat Juhasz, Fleet Manager, Mont Granite

Fleetmatics Customer Testimonial

Fleetmatics LogBook contributed to our company’s overall success because we are able to focus on our daily tasks and are able to trust that Fleetmatics will track the DVIR’s and log books.

Operations Leader, Small Business Health Care Company

Fleetmatics Customer Testimonial

In a few sentences, please tell us how Fleetmatics LogBook has contributed to your company’s overall success.

Fleetmatics is easy to use, eliminates paperwork downtime, and it is precise with time.

Steve Gomez, Driver, Midstate Environmental Services

Fleetmatics Customer Testimonial

Fleetmatics has helped us decreased HOS violations and the time doing paperwork. The drivers like the fact that they can see exactly how much time they have left at any point.

Sharron K. Thompson, Compliance Manager, Bo Moses Trucking Co.

Fleetmatics Customer Testimonial

Fleetmatics is the all-in-one go-to site. All of our drivers have slowed down, we’ve utilized their hours better, almost eliminated complaints on drivers, and cut down on wait times at delivery locations.

Administrative Director, Small Business Transportation Services Company

Fleetmatics Customer Testimonial

Knowing the HOS available in ‘Real Time’ enables our Fleet Managers to know how many more loads can be shipped daily. This is a huge increase in utilization.

Philip Burress, Fleet Manager, Wall Timber Products

Fleetmatics Customer Testimonial

We dramatically reduced time spent doing paper logs and were able to implement electronic logs quickly and easily.

Gary Babcock, IT Administrator, California Ammonia Company

Fleetmatics Customer Testimonial

Fleetmatics allows me to easily check all of this data without having to comb through endless paperwork.

Allen Ellis, Service Director, ImageFirst

Fleetmatics Customer Testimonial

When we converted to electronic logs, there were a few holdouts. These were very quickly converted when they saw the ease of use and less paperwork.

Vern Anttila, Compliance Officer, A & I Distributors

Fleetmatics Customer Testimonial

Information control and access. For my unique business, like many others, the ability to access and record lots of information on each job, each piece of equipment, and each job site, is invaluable.

James Young, Fleet Manager, CMARS Equipment Services

Fleetmatics Customer Satisfaction Rating

A Business Owner at a small business construction company would be likely to recommend Fleetmatics for this reason:

Excellent program and good value.

Fleetmatics Customer Satisfaction Rating

James Young, a Fleet Manager at CMARS Equipment Services, would be very likely to recommend Fleetmatics for this reason:

Very easy to use, implement, and navigate. Customer service is unparalleled.

Fleetmatics Customer Satisfaction Rating

Ryan Tichenor, an Operations Manager at HTM MedTrans, would be very likely to recommend Fleetmatics for this reason:

Super intuitive and customizable. Great for managing Accounts Receivable.

Fleetmatics Customer Satisfaction Rating

An Office Manager at a small business electronics company would be very likely to recommend Fleetmatics for this reason:

Fleetmatics is very easy to use. I have recommended it before.

Fleetmatics Customer Satisfaction Rating

Laima Liutikas, a Business Owner at Ramas Climate, would be very likely to recommend Fleetmatics for this reason:

Easy to use and eliminates a lot of extra work.

Fleetmatics Customer Satisfaction Rating

An Office Manager at a small business construction company would be very likely to recommend Fleetmatics for this reason:

Fleetmatics has helped us organize our office and the field workers’ time. There have been many improvements to the program over the last 4-5 months and I sincerely hope they will continue. For the monthly cost, this program is a good value.

Fleetmatics Customer Satisfaction Rating

A Business Professional at a medium enterprise wholesale distribution company would be very likely to recommend Fleetmatics for this reason:

The capabilities of the software and cloud base ‘real’ time. The customer support and technical support provided.

Fleetmatics Customer Satisfaction Rating

Joyce Delp, an Office Manager at CK Jones, would be very likely to recommend Fleetmatics for this reason:

Very easy to navigate. Great tool to provide valuable information to the field with ease.

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