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Fleetmatics WORK Customer Testimonial

Fleetmatics WORK has been very good. It has allowed us to take on more work than we could have without it. It has reduced the administration time required for each job.

Senior Executive, Small Business Energy & Utilities Company

Overall, I find Fleetmatics WORK is a very powerful tool which allows me to have greater control of the scheduling of our jobs as well as more productive allocation of my individual staff members. It also provides me with valuable reports which allow me to monitor and review staff performance as well as other KPIs I can use to enhance the overall management of my business.

Jed Stewart, Director, JedPlumb

Fleetmatics WORK Makes Managing Multiple Jobs Easier

77% of surveyed customers agree that fleetmatics WORK has made it easier to run and manage multiple jobs at one time.

On Why to Track the Entire Fleet…

We need our fleet to run efficiently to be competitive in our market. Our operations team needs to see the whole picture. We would not be as productive if we had limited visibility.

Vice President, Small Business Transportation Services Company

With Fleetmatics we have a better method of ensuring that driver accountability is at the front of everyone’s mind while driving our vehicles. It is our belief that the safety of our citizens should always be one of our main priorities and Fleetmatics assists us in achieving this expectation.

Business Professional, Small Business Health Care Company

“It has streamlined our business, saved us thousands of dollars, and brought us out of the dark ages and up to speed with the rest of the world.”

67% of surveyed customers have improved scheduling since starting to use Fleetmatics WORK field service management software.

Fleetmatics WORK field service management software has helped me build a better company.

Ruben Losoya, CEO, Losoya Industries

Customer Testimonial

[Fleetmatics WORK field service management software] keeps us organized across the board and helps save money. We’ve been able to lower our operating costs by 31-40%.

Scherod Stewart, Logistics Manager, Clean Fuels

Fleetmatics WORK field service management software made scheduling a lot easier. What used to take three steps, with Fleetmatics WORK now takes one step.

Stephanie Maier, Consultant, Hydro-Flo Products

Fleetmatics WORK, Field Service Management Software

My overall experience has been great! Actually, this is the second company that I have worked for that utilizes Fleetmatics, and it only continues to get better!

Amber Tolbert, Operations Manager, Tru Element

With Fleetmatics, idling times have decreased and saved us money. Our service business runs 24 hours a day, therefore technicians are out at all hours. We are able to monitor their safety easier when they come and go from job sites.

Operations Manager, Medium Enterprise Construction Company

Fleetmatics’ vehicle tracking has given me the ability to verify that our drivers accurately put down their time on their timesheets each week, and I am able to point out discrepancies and save money for the company by doing this.

Operations Manager, Small Business Professional Services Company

The Fleetmatics’ system lets you access the location, in real time, on an easy to read map, allowing us to instantly let our customers know where we are and where we have been within seconds. When I say the location, I mean the exact location!

Jeff Spharler, Manager / CFO, Sonoma Sweepers

Fleetmatics Customer Testimonial

I really like the ability to run reports on each vehicle, or on idle times or speeding incidences. We use that information for driver safety meetings and to optimize customer satisfaction.

Business Professional, Small Business Consumer Services Company

Fleetmatics Customer Statistic

51% of surveyed customers purchased Fleetmatics over the competition because the software is intuitive and simple to use.

Fleetmatics Customer Statistic

56% of surveyed customers use Fleetmatics to control fuel costs by using Idling Alerts to coach drivers in real-time if they idle their vehicles too long.

Fleetmatics Customer Testimonial

The mobile app allows all of our senior management & field management access to data that we previously did not have or would have to make multiple calls to get. We also utilize the reporting feature as a way to validate any billing questions.

Jim Hornung, CEO, Elbers Landscape Service, Inc.

Fleetmatics Customer Statement

Elbers Landscape Service, Inc. needed a GPS fleet management solution in order to manage or reduce payroll expenses, control fuel costs, increase the productivity of drivers, improve customer service and response time, and enhance safety and security of the fleet vehicles and drivers.

Fleetmatics Customer Testimonial

Fleetmatics helped me with knowing where equipment and personnel are at all times, knowing that my drivers are driving safer than before has enabled us to optimize their routes through Garmin. While this hasn’t happened, should a driver quit, it will take us less time to ramp up the new driver.

Mike Beebe, Owner in Charge, BCS Fence

Fleetmatics Customer Statement – BCS Fence

BCS Fence purchased Fleetmatics over the competition because the software is intuitive and simple to use, Fleetmatics’ mobile application, and superior reputation and reviews.

Fleetmatics Customer Statement – BCS Fence

BCS Fence uses Fleetmatics to improve operational efficiencies by maintaining up to the minute visibility of fleet location for better routing and dispatching and coaching drivers on speeding and harsh driving to improve safety and minimize vehicle wear and tear.

Fleetmatics Customer Testimonial

In the trucking industry, less fuel means more profit. Bottom line, Fleetmatics helps us save a lot of fuel.

Marc Ahumada, Operations Manager, P & A Trucking

Fleetmatics Customer Testimonial

Simple and easy system to monitor, no glitches or down time. Fleetmatics has saved us hundreds of dollars in extra payroll expenses.

John Godin, Facilities Manager, Homebridge Canada

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