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Selected Research Highlights

Fleetmatics maintenance alerts have had the biggest impact on our business. They have increased the life of our equipment.

Senior Executive, Small Business Construction Company, Canada

Fleetmatics WORK Customer Research


When asked how much Fleetmatics WORK improved productivity, organizations said:

More than 30%: 14%
More than 20%: 22%
More than 10%: 29%
Up to 10%: 34%

WORK Case Study

Texas Ace Heating & Air


This case study of Texas Ace Heating & Air is based on a March 2018 survey of WORK customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“We do more service calls, about 3 more per week per technician. Time spent dispatching jobs to the field has decreased by around 65%. Missed scheduled jobs has dropped to almost zero.”


Texas Ace Heating & Air sought a field service management solution to improve customer service and response time.

Use Case

Texas Ace has benefited from Verizon Connect Work in the following ways:

  • Increased the productivity of fieldworkers
  • Improved customer service and response time
  • Increased efficiency in the office
  • Improved communication around jobs

The company improved their scheduling and dispatching with Verizon Connect Work in the following ways:

  • Made it faster/easier to schedule expected jobs
  • Made it faster/easier to schedule un-expected jobs
  • Allowed them to complete more jobs/day
  • Allowed them to get jobs to employees faster

More than 75% of their mobile workers use the Work mobile app regularly.


Texas Ace has improved against key top-line goals since using Verizon Connect Work:

  • Productivity: more than 20% improvement
  • Cost savings: more than 10% improvement
  • Revenue: more than 20% improvement

The company has also improved against key operational goals using Verizon Connect Work:

  • Customer satisfaction: more than 30% improvement
  • Scheduling efficiency: more than 20% improvement
  • Dispatching time: more than 30% improvement

Customer Support Manager Phil Seward adds, “I have been very pleased with the results of working with [Verizon Connect] Work. It has greatly increased customer service & decreased my workload.”

Fleetmatics WORK Customer Research

Fleetmatics WORK Improves Scheduling Efficiency

How much has Fleetmatics WORK helped your company or department improve against key goals related to Scheduling Efficiency?

S More than 30% S More than 20% S More than 10% S Up to 10%

Scheduling Efficiency

Case Study: Small Business Construction Company


This case study of a small business construction company is based on a June 2014 survey of Fleetmatics customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“The Garmin integration has had the greatest impact on our business. At first the technicians did not care for the added feature the company incorporated, but now they ask to have the call keyed to the Garmin. It is a fantastic feature.”

“Tracking the time the technician is at each service call is a benefit we’ve seen with Fleetmatics. If a customer has a question as to the time the technician was on site, we run the report to verify the time that was billed.”


  • Searched for a GPS fleet management solution in order to:
    • Increase the productivity of drivers
    • Enhance safety and security of the fleet vehicles and drivers

Use Case

  • Controls fuel costs with Fleetmatics by:
    • Using Idling Alerts to coach drivers in real-time if they idle their vehicles too long
  • Impacted business success with the following features:
    • Vehicle maintenance
    • Garmin integration
    • Reports
    • Vehicle history
    • Alerts
    • POIs


  • Is very satisfied with Fleetmatics.
  • Improves operational efficiencies with Fleetmatics by:
    • Maintaining up-to-the-minute visibility of fleet location for better routing and dispatching
    • Leveraging the historical data in the various reports to manage and improve customer service
  • Purchased Fleetmatics over the competition because:
    • The software is intuitive and simple to use
    • Fleetmatics offered features the competition did not
  • Increased productivity in the following areas with Fleetmatics:
    • Route optimization
    • Dispatch
    • Billing
    • Customer service

Fleetmatics reduces operating costs

65% of surveyed customers were able to reduce operating costs by 10% or more with Fleetmatics.

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