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19,685 Customers Surveyed

131,207 Data Points Collected

468 Published TechFacts

108 Published Charts

127 Published Case Studies

Selected Research Highlights

Fleetmatics Case Study

Case Study: Aussiemove International Movers Reduce Payroll Costs


This case study of Aussiemove International Movers is based on a June 2016 survey of Fleetmatics customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“Fleetmatics helps with staff accountability and the reduction in speeding offenses.”


  • The business challenges that led Aussiemove International Movers to search for tracking:
    • High payroll costs
    • Locating staff immediately
    • Customer billing disputes

Use Case

  • Improves overall safety with Fleetmatics through:
    • Decreased aggressive driving behaviours
    • Reduced speeding and harsh driving
    • Improved driver accountability


  • Fleetmatics helps the business improve:
    • Fuel savings
    • Payroll
    • Safety
  • Lowered payroll and overtime costs with Fleetmatics by more than 10%
  • Increased productivity with Fleetmatics through:
    • Staff verification
    • Customer billing
    • Improved customer response times
  • Reduced fuel costs with Fleetmatics by:
    • Decreasing idle times
    • Coaching drivers on improving their driver behaviour
  • Decreased payroll costs with Fleetmatics by:
    • Checking time sheets for discrepancies
  • Chose Fleetmatics over other options because it is very easy and simple to use

WORK Customer Testimonial

Construction is volatile and difficult to give metrics here, but I would say:

  • If at max capacity, our field workers are each able to do 1 more job per day when using the app for work orders, e-signatures, ease of seeing jobs on a phone, etc.
  • Invoicing is easier as documents, pictures, packing slips, etc. can be uploaded and attached to a work order. No more searching for info to prepare an invoice. Even if we save 5 minutes per invoice (some are more, some are less), if we did 2,000 invoices in a year at 5 minutes, that is approximately 20 days saved.

Controller, Small Business Construction Company

Fleetmatics helps overall management

73% of surveyed customers use Fleetmatics WORK in order to address the difficulty of managing fieldworkers & dispatch.

Fleetmatics Customer Research

Quel avantage compétitif espérez-vous obtenir grâce à la géolocalisation?

Augmenter le nombre d’interventions par jour
Diminuer les frais de maintenance et de carburant
Améliorer le service client
Améliorer votre visibilité sur votre flotte

Fleetmatics offers features which save both time and money!

Which of the Fleetmatics WORK features have you utilized to save your business time and money?

Reports in WORK & REVEAL
Mobile App
Dashboard in WORK & Map in REVEAL
Online Payment Processing
Accounting Integration
Job List/ Job Central
Fieldworker Tags
Client Detail

Fleetmatics LogBook Case Study

D & D Transport Express


This case study of D & D Transport Express is based on a June 2017 survey of Fleetmatics LogBook customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

30% improvements against key Safety, Compliance, Productivity, Revenue, and Cost Savings goals. “It helps us do less paperwork.” – Daniel West, Owner


D & D Transport Express started using Fleetmatics LogBook for the following reasons:

  • To decrease the time employees spend doing paperwork
  • To improve their CSA score and have fewer HOS violations
  • To integrate elogs with tracking
  • To improve safety
  • To prepare for the upcoming law and regulation changes

Use Case

The company saw a number of benefits using Fleetmatics LogBook, including:

  • Access to drivers’ hours of service (HOS) in real time
  • Decreased HOS compliance violations
  • Significantly reduced time spent on paperwork
  • Decreased DVIR time and paperwork
  • Saved time and money
  • Improved communications with other employees
  • Made their job more fun


D & D Transport Express achieved the following improvements against key goals using Fleetmatics LogBook:

  • Safety: more than 30%
  • Compliance: more than 30%
  • Productivity: more than 30%
  • Cost savings: more than 30%
  • Revenue: more than 30%

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