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Esquire Customer Review

Satisfaction with Esquire’s National Deposition Program

4.5/5 Stars

How our organization uses Esquire:

Esquire Customer Satisfaction Rating

John Tobey, Assistant Vice President at Philadelphia Insurance Company, is very likely to recommend Esquire.

Esquire does a great job, delivers on its promises, and corrects any missteps.

Esquire Customer Statistic

94% of enterprise clients agreed that their Esquire account manager understands their business and is responsive to their needs.


Esquire Customer Testimonial

Esquire is like having our own scheduling department inside our firm. They will handle and remind us up to the day of the deposition.

Gerard Avalos, Legal Staff, Richard B Celler Legal

Esquire Customer Testimonial

We rely on Esquire for court reporters and interpreters. Their service is amazing.

Mia Fernandez, Legal Staff, GEICO

Esquire Customer Testimonial

Esquire helps us tremendously when we have out-of-state depositions with no local contacts. Esquire depositions are always accurate with a quick turnaround time.

Trisha Richey, Legal Staff, Faegre Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP

Esquire Customer Testimonial

I like the consistency of Esquire’s production department. I like knowing that I will receive my transcripts, video, e-tran versions, and .pdf versions in one package.

Mary Ensley, Legal Staff, Crawford & Brown

Esquire Customer Testimonial

Esquire gives our firm peace of mind when scheduling depositions.

Terri Rubinow, Paralegal/Secretary, Law Offices Of Carl L Brown

Esquire Customer Testimonial

With so many tasks to do in a day, and when a deposition is one of them, I used to feel overwhelmed trying to find a court reporter that I trusted and was available. Esquire takes the burden away.

Bayleigh Preston, Legal Staff, Ortale Kelley Herbert & Crawford

Esquire Customer Testimonial

While we are required to use Esquire for most of our cases, I do prefer Esquire as I like how easy it is to schedule a court reporter and get transcripts.

Eileen Snead, Legal Staff, Deasey Mahoney & Valentini LTD

Esquire Customer Testimonial

Esquire makes my job much easier by taking the pressure off of me when I need to schedule last-minute depositions or retrieve transcripts quickly. They free up my time to do my other work.

Lynn Coffey, Legal Staff, Crivello Carlson

Esquire Customer Testimonial

Esquire delivers excellent customer service! Their court reporters are very professional and their deposition transcripts are very presentable.

Claudia Acuna, Legal Staff, Martinez and Associates, PLLC

Esquire Customer Testimonial

Esquire Solutions’ professionalism and commitment to the highest level of customer satisfaction has to be acknowledged and appreciated. I couldn’t do my job efficiently without their professional assistance in setting up depositions and conference rooms throughout the State of Florida.

Tamara K Ploskunak, Legal Staff, Golderberg Segalla LLP

Esquire Customer Testimonial

Since many of our legal assistants use Esquire, it’s very efficient that the deposition transcript and exhibits are located in one place. We like this consistency from case to case.

Anita Freeman, Legal Staff, Wood Herron & Evans LLP

Esquire Customer Testimonial

Esquire has made my job much easier in regards to scheduling and modifying depositions. Their online repository is great and makes downloading the depositions and exhibits a breeze.

Tamara Combs, Legal Staff, Franke Schultz & Mullen

Esquire Customer Testimonial

Esquire court reporters are very reliable, on-time, and pleasant to work with, which makes depositions easier to do.

Eve Tuulima, Legal Staff, Law Office of Gary Sinkeldam

Esquire Customer Testimonial

Esquire is accessible and reliable. We have had several emergency situations where Esquire has gone above and beyond assisting us in finding a reporter when needed, even under short timelines.

Aimee Paukovits, Legal Staff, Lavery Law

Esquire Customer Testimonial

Esquire’s friendly, professional employees and excellent service offerings have made an impact on our firm’s efficiency as well as peace of mind.

Barbara Roldan, Legal Staff, Collins Einhorn & Farrell

Esquire Customer Testimonial

When we have a remote deposition, Esquire makes scheduling a deposition a breeze.

Adam Davidson, Legal Staff, Carter Law Offices

Esquire Customer Testimonial

Esquire has made scheduling and keeping track of depositions easy. The relationship that we’ve built with Esquire employees makes the deposition process smooth.

Erika Garnica, Legal Staff, GEICO

Esquire Customer Testimonial

I’m confident that when I use Esquire, there will be no problems.

Dorie Knopf, Legal Staff, Christopher C. Miller, Joseph Steinfield, Lauren Koslowsky, Jill Schafer

Esquire Customer Testimonial

Esquire delivers quality transcripts and is easy to work with.

Diane Twichell, Legal Staff, Brock Guerra Strandmo Dimaline Jones, P.C.

Esquire Customer Testimonial

Esquire is my “go to” for depositions that are out of our area, or require interpreters or video depositions. Esquire makes my job easy.

Stephanie A Connolly, Legal Staff, Steven M Melley PLLC

Esquire Customer Testimonial

Esquire makes it easy for me to schedule depositions. If I’m not in the office, Esquire makes it easy for other staff to schedule and handle. My boss knows that by using Esquire, we are guaranteed a quality product.

Beth Hurdle, Legal Staff, Shunnarah Injury Lawyers

Esquire Customer Testimonial

Our Esquire Case Manager delivers transcripts on time.

Jonette Brown, Legal Staff, Nielsen, Carter & Treas, LLC

Esquire Customer Testimonial

Esquire offers reliable service and a repository for depositions and exhibits with an up-to-date exhibit list.

Nancy Jordahl, Legal Staff, Weinberg, Wheeler. Hudgins, Gunn & Dial LLC

Esquire Customer Testimonial

Our Esquire Case Manager is responsive and dependable.

Missy Lonergan, Legal Staff, West Mermis, PLLC

Esquire Customer Testimonial

Our Esquire Case Manager is available, professional, and provides quick response and follow through.

Leslie Coumans, Legal Staff, Hunt Ortmann Palffy Nieves Darling & Mah, Inc.

Esquire Customer Testimonial

Our Esquire Case Manager is very responsive, and everything we need is online in one place making it easy to access.

Cathy Delsardo, Legal Staff, Dentons

Esquire Customer Testimonial

Our Esquire Case Manager is competent and responds quickly.

Leslie Vargo, Legal Staff, Cole Scott & Kissane

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