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Selected Research Highlights

Esquire Case Study

People’s Trust Insurance Corporation


This case study is based on an August 2021 survey of Esquire enterprise customers who used Esquire Deposition Solutions as their national deposition provider by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“Working with Esquire is always steady and consistent.”


The business challenges that led People’s Trust Insurance Corporation to evaluate and ultimately select Esquire as their national deposition provider:

  • Transparency was virtually impossible with ad hoc vendor relationships and multiple firms
  • Needed quality court reporters

Use Case

The top Esquire solutions utilized by People’s Trust Insurance Corporation to keep them apprised of staff and panel counsel activities:

  • Regularly scheduled reports
  • Data and metrics
  • Wide-ranging activity summaries


The People’s Trust Insurance Corporation achieved the following results with Esquire:

The following benefits were achieved with Esquire’s national deposition program:

  • Single point of contact for scheduling

The following business outcome was achieved with Esquire’s national deposition program:

  • A reduction in overall deposition costs by more than 25%

People’s Trust Insurance Corporation strongly agrees that Esquire’s national deposition program delivers the following:

  • Management of the deposition process
  • Tools and reporting so they have control over deposition spending
  • An implementation model that is easy to implement and ensures that counsel utilize the program
  • Technology and procedures that keep them apprised of counsel’s activities
  • Quarterly stewardship meetings provide transparency into firm/attorney utilization of the program
  • An entire division and related infrastructure exclusively for corporate clients
  • Single point of contact for onboarding, scheduling, and general questions
  • An account manager that understands their business and is responsive to their needs
  • Supports field staff at sites nationwide
  • Transparency with reportable quality assurance and stewardship measures in place

Esquire Case Study

Butler, Weihmuller, Katz, Craig, LLP


This case study is based on a June 2022 survey by Techvalidate, a 3rd-party research service, of Esquire customers who use EsquireConnect to manage the deposition process.

“Using EsquireConnect has saved myself and my firm so much time when scheduling depositions. It is a breeze to schedule or reschedule any proceeding. Also we enjoy the fast processing of the Zoom links which are provided quickly compared to other court reporter companies. "


The key business challenges that led Butler, Weihmuller, Katz, Craig to evaluate and ultimately use EsquireConnect:

  • Clarifying specific services
  • Misplaced resources

Use Case

The key features and functions of EsquireConnect that Butler, Weihmuller, Katz, Craig uses:

  • Scheduling
  • Rescheduling/cancellation


Butler, Weihmuller, Katz, Craig achieved the following results using EsquireConnect:

  • Reduced time scheduling each deposition by 11-15 minutes
  • Faster, more accurate scheduling
  • Quick rescheduling/cancellation
  • Instant reports

Butler, Weihmuller, Katz, Craig strongly agrees with the following EsquireConnect benefits:

  • Results in fewer scheduling errors
  • Reminds me which services I need when scheduling depositions
  • Scheduling remote depositions is simple
  • Using EsquireConnect’s repository means I don’t need to receive paper or DVDs anymore

Esquire Customer Research

Top Esquire Services Utilized for Complex Case Needs

What are the top Esquire services that you utilize for complex case needs?

Esquire eDepository
Remote Court Reporting
Video Depositions
EsquireConnect Client Portal
Exhibit Management & Presentment
Case Management Services
In-Proceeding Support for Remote Depositions
Remote Technician
Interpretation Services
Cross-Border Court Reporting

Esquire Customer Satisfaction Rating

Cynthia Ray, a Paralegal at Breazeale Sachse & Wilson LLP, would be very likely to recommend EsquireConnect.

EsquireConnect makes it easy to schedule depositions, track upcoming events, and retrieve transcripts and exhibits.

Esquire Customer Statistic

91% of surveyed users are very likely to use EsquireConnect again.


Esquire Customer Research

Top Challenges Experienced that an Esquire Case Manager Has Helped Solve

Scheduling and managing depositions was difficult and time consuming
No single point of contact to coach and manage the process
Lack of access to local offices and coverage in any location
Needed court reporters with complex case experience, real time reporting, advanced certification
Lack of consistent process in place for managing depositions
Inconsistent service quality

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