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110 Customers Surveyed

972 Data Points Collected

34 Published TechFacts

7 Published Charts

Selected Research Highlights

Epicor Customer Statistic

Improving Customer Communications with BisTrack

53% of BisTrack customers surveyed experienced customer service improvements by improving customer communications with Epicor BisTrack software.


Epicor Customer Research

Increasing Gross Margins with BisTrack

By how many points has Epicor BisTrack helped you to increase gross margins in your business?

8+ points: 6%
4-8 points: 13%
Up to 4 points: 81%

Epicor Customer Research

Epicor BisTrack ROI

What was the payback period for your investment in your Epicor BisTrack software?

Up to 6 Months: 0%
6 - 12 Months: 3%
12-18 Months: 13%
18-24 Months: 5%
> 24 Months: 47%
Other: 31%

Epicor Customer Fact

Grow revenues

NorCal Lumber Company’s business has grown by > 40% since implementing Epicor BisTrack.

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Epicor lumber and building materials software for LBM businesses is there to help with a range of powerful business management software tools. The full range of LBM software solutions from Epicor can help take you every step of the way, with fundamentals like accounting software, inventory software, and retail point of sale software, as well as professional estimating, dispatch and delivery, millwork, and construction services—all designed specifically for LBM businesses.

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