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Selected Research Highlights

Entrust Datacard Case Study

IT Servicios de Venezuela


This case study of IT Servicios de Venezuela is based on a September 2015 survey of Entrust Datacard customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“The time of development was reduced a lot, and this helped the migration to Entrust Datacard.”

“I had the pleasure to work with this product for second-factor authentication with many customers, especially with online banking, and the results were very successful.”


  • Solved the following challenges by deploying Entrust Datacard’s authentication solution:
    • Reduced the amount of security risk
    • Simplified the authentication process for end users
    • Met regulatory requirement standards
    • Reduced costs
    • Replaced an existing authentication solution they felt no longer met their needs
  • Evaluated the following vendor before choosing Entrust Datacard:
    • RSA

Use Case

  • Most important product features to the purchasing decision:
    • Broad support for many authenticators and use cases
    • Risk based authentication / transparent authentication
    • Future-proof platform (ie: support for next generation authentication methods)
    • Deployment flexibility with rich integrations, APIs, and SDKs


  • Realized a Return on Investment in 9-12 months after implementing Entrust Datacard’s authentication solution.
  • Realized 25-49% of Return on Investment as a result of implementing Entrust Datacard’s authentication solution.
  • Increased productivity for their IT staff by 2-3 hours per work week with Entrust Datacard’s authentication solution.
  • Reduced costs by 25-49% with Entrust Datacard’s authentication solution.

Mohammed Geoffrey, a CEO at Indorse Technologies, is very likely to recommend Entrust Datacard for the following reason:

Because Entrust Datacard has never been breached and they provide excellent products and services.

Entrust Datacard Customer Research

67% of Entrust Datacard Instant Issuance customers rate us 4 stars or higher!


Case Study: Large Enterprise Computer Services Company


This case study of a large enterprise computer services company is based on a March 2016 survey of Entrust Datacard customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“Nice technical support engineer.”


  • Main reason for purchasing an SSL certificate:
    • Security
  • Considered the following competitors before purchasing from Entrust:
    • Symantec
    • Thawte

Use Case

  • Was looking for the following information when they visited the Entrust website:
    • SSL Certificate types
  • Had an easy time navigating and finding what they were looking for with the website.
  • Impressions of the information provided on
    • Was educational and just what they were looking for


  • Rates the following value attributes in their decision to buy from Entrust:
    • CA reputation: extremely important
    • Support: extremely important
    • Global trust: extremely important
    • Bundled web security services: extremely important
    • Reliability & performance: extremely important

Digital Certificate Pooling Accounts – Cost Savings

What savings have you achieved on digital certificates using a Pooling account to manage your inventory?

50%+: 5%
26-50%: 8%
11-25%: 8%
0-10%: 6%
Yes, we are achieving cost savings, but I am not sure of the amount: 45%
We have not noticed any cost savings: 27%

Entrust Datacard Customer Fact

Horizons North Credit Union experienced a positive impact on customer service and better met customer needs from offering instant issuance.

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