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Cisco Enterprise Networks Customer Statistic

Secure Access Automatically

31% of surveyed customers said that the most useful benefit of Cisco DNA Center is the ability to secure access by automatically recognizing and quickly applying policy for devices and users throughout the organization, consistently (Scalable access policy).

Cisco Enterprise Networks Customer Research

Which of these Cisco DNA Center software benefits would be most useful to your organization?

Secure access by automatically recognizing and quickly applying policy for devices and users throughout the organization, consistently (Scalable access policy): 31%
Spend less time troubleshooting and drive fast issue resolution with insights from AI/ML-based network intelligence (Campus network assurance): 28%
Automate policy-based provisioning with both plug-and-play and zero touch modes (Network device onboarding): 17%
Connect the right users and things to trusted applications, minimizing security vulnerabilities and helping drive compliance (Campus network segmentation): 13%
Enhance security and add new capabilities with timely and automated network device image updates and consistent configurations (Campus software image management): 11%

Cisco Enterprise Networks Customer Fact

A Global 500 telecommunications equipment company already purchased Cisco Catalyst 9000 switch or wireless device, Cisco DNA software, and the Cisco DNA Center appliance and are leveraging the additional networking capabilities.

Cisco's enterprise networking solutions Customer Research

Top 3 Network Concerns before COVID-19

Before COVID-19, what were the top 3 disruptions you were preparing your network to address?

Critical infrastructure failure
IT and telecom outage
Cybersecurity attack or data breach

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There's a Cisco DNA solution for you, whether your priority is gaining 360-degree network visibility or security, or simplifying your wired and wireless access, branch, or WAN networks with software-defined networking. If you need to optimize for access to cloud applications, a mobile workforce, Internet of Things (IoT), or all three together, our solutions are designed for your needs. And they scale from the smallest to largest deployments. Check out the solutions below to find those best suited for your organization's demands.

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