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Emburse Cards Case Study

Meaningful Milestones Llc


This case study of Meaningful Milestones LLC is based on a February 2021 survey of Emburse Cards customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“Having department heads able to purchase things they need without having to come for a corporate card. "


The business challenges that led the profiled company to evaluate and ultimately select Emburse Cards:

  • They evaluated and ultimately selected Emburse Cards after struggling with the following:
    • Employees sharing corporate cards
  • They also evaluated the following in addition to Emburse:
    • Traditional corporate card providers (Chase, American Express, Capital One, etc.)
  • They’ve used the following before choosing Emburse Cards:
    • Traditional corporate card providers (Chase, American Express, Capital One, etc.)

Use Case

The key features and functionalities of Emburse Cards that the surveyed company uses:

  • They use Emburse Cards for the following:
    • Employee meals or perks
    • Operational expenses
    • Accounts payable/vendor payments


The surveyed company achieved the following results with Emburse Cards:

  • Rated how satisfied they are with Emburse’s ability to do the following:
    • reduce or prevents unauthorized/fraudulent spend: Satisfied
    • increase visibility into spend: Extremely Satisfied
    • ensure compliance with our spending policies: Extremely Satisfied
    • improve the ability to make data-driven decisions and contribute to business KPIs: Extremely Satisfied
    • save time by automating manual tasks: Satisfied
    • broaden employee access to payment methods: Extremely Satisfied
  • Rated Emburse’s following capabilities compared to the competition:
    • Upfront control over expenses: Best in class
    • Reconciliation speed: Significantly Better
    • Access among employee base: Best in class
    • Ease of use: Best in class
    • Support and training: Better
    • System reliability: Significantly Better
  • Explained how valuable the following aspects of Emburse are for their org:
    • mobile receipt capture: extremely Valuable
    • spending rules: extremely Valuable
    • purchase requests/pre-approvals: extremely Valuable
    • physical cards: valuable
    • virtual cards: valuable
    • ease of card administration: extremely Valuable
    • expense policy enforcement: extremely Valuable
    • accounting integrations: extremely Valuable
    • API: extremely Valuable
    • system reliability: extremely Valuable
  • Explained to what degree they agree with the following statements:
    • Emburse Cards support is best-in-class.: agree
    • Emburse Cards makes it easy for our employees to make and reconcile their purchases.: strongly agree
    • Emburse Cards helps us better control our business spend.: strongly agree
    • Emburse Cards helps us achieve our business objectives and strategic goals.: agree
    • Emburse Cards removes manual work and allows our finance team to be more strategic.: agree
    • Emburse Cards helps us support a remote workforce.: strongly agree
    • We enjoy using Emburse Cards.: strongly agree
    • We would recommend Emburse Cards to others.: strongly agree
  • Using Emburse Cards helped them do the following:
    • Optimize spend across our organization
    • Improve operational efficiency from easy card administration and management
  • Estimated their finance team saved 1-2 hours per month by using Emburse Cards.
  • They saw a return on their investment with Emburse Cards within 2-4 weeks.

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