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Elsevier PharmaPendium Customer Fact

PharmaPendium supports informed decision-making that helps Teva save time and money –
and get to market faster

Teva uses PharmaPendium to reduce the number of preclinical studies that are required by citing relevant preclinical studies and avoid late stage failures by averting potential safety and efficacy risks in clinical studies.

Elsevier PharmaPendium Customer Fact

Teva would spend more than 50% more time collecting the equivalent information without access to PharmaPendium.

Elsevier PharmaPendium Customer Satisfaction Rating

A Librarian at a medium enterprise pharmaceuticals company would be very likely to recommend Elsevier PharmaPendium for this reason:

It is a very good and dependable product.

Elsevier PharmaPendium Customer Testimonial

It was very helpful to make a presentation regarding the FDA approval of the competitive products.

Regulatory affairs manager, Small Business Pharmaceuticals Company

Elsevier PharmaPendium Customer Testimonial

Using PharmaPendium helps to provide critical information for a competitive advantage.

Director, S&P 500 Global Pharmaceutical Company

Elsevier PharmaPendium Customer Testimonial

The PK information in PharmaPendium saved time and provided critical information for drug repositioning.

PK Scientist, Medium Enterprise Pharmaceuticals Company

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