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Selected Research Highlights

Surgical Pathology Clinics Customer Research

Why do Clinicians read Surgical Pathology Clinics?

Keeps me up to date on the latest clinical advances in my field
Gives me a deeper understanding of a particular topic
Assists me in clinical decision-making
Helps me save time
Provides an effective teaching tool
Assists me in innovating in my field
Supports my research activities

ClinicalKey Case Study

Children’s Hospital Colorado


This case study of Children’s Hospital Colorado is based on an April 2018 survey of ClinicalKey customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.


  • Their previous solution didn’t fulfill all of their users’ content needs, which prompted them to evaluate ClinicalKey.
  • Purchased ClinicalKey in order to:
    • Reduce unnecessary referrals, tests and treatments
    • Reduce preventable illnesses and injuries
    • Help experienced physicians find information for rare cases
    • Provide a trusted clinical resource for clinicians

Use Case

  • Their clinicians rely on ClinicalKey for the following:
    • To stay current on medical research in their field
    • To prepare for patient consultations
    • To confirm disease diagnosis or treatment
    • For information about specific treatments and/or tests
    • To prepare for presentations
  • Has ClinicalKey integrated with their Epic EHR system.


  • ClinicalKey users experience the following benefits:
    • Make cost-efficient decisions regarding patient care
    • Reduced or prevented unnecessary tests and treatments
    • Can spend more time with patients as a result of getting quicker answers
  • The customer indicated they are very satisfied with ClinicalKey and agrees that:
    • ClinicalKey has met the diverse content needs of clinicians at their institution
    • ClinicalKey is effective at providing comprehensive, complete clinical information
    • ClinicalKey is effective at presenting quick answers at the point of care
    • They have received positive feedback about ClinicalKey from users at their institution

Elsevier Clinical eLearning Case Study

Integris Health


This case study of Integris Health is based on an October 2017 survey of Elsevier Clinical eLearning customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“[Clinical eLearning] updates to assure current practice are well managed and communicated. Our organization has been able to standardize across the system of hospitals. The ability to easily report on learners progress back to department directors is great.”


The business challenges that led the profiled company to evaluate and ultimately select Elsevier Clinical eLearning:

  • Quality content (evidence-based, expertly authored, & peer reviewed)
  • Standardization & consistency across their organization

Use Case

The key feature and functionality of Elsevier Clinical eLearning that the surveyed company uses:

  • Improve & standardize quality of care.


The surveyed company achieved the following results with Elsevier Clinical eLearning:

  • Is satisfied with Elsevier’s Clinical eLearning Courses.
  • Improved in the following areas using Elsevier’s Clinical eLearning:
    • Increased standardization of care
    • Increased orientation efficiency for new nurses
  • Considers the authoritative, evidence-based educational content feature from Elsevier’s Clinical eLearning to be the most important feature.

MRI Clinics Customer Research

MRI Clinics helps you stay current on the topics critical to your practice

Why do you read/use MRI Clinics?

Keeps me up to date on the latest clinical advances in my field
Gives me a deeper understanding of a particular topic
Assists me in clinical decision-making
Provides an effective teaching tool
Helps me save time
Supports my research activities

Elsevier Interactive Patient Education Customer Testimonial

Quarterly updates.

Informaticists, Medium Enterprise Health Care Company

Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine Customer Testimonial

It is a great source for learning and preparing for the exams.

Jana Thuku, a reader of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine

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