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Selected Research Highlights

eMoney Advisor Customer Research

One third of eMoney users have more than half their clients aggregating assets on the Client Site

Approximately what portion of your clients use aggregation on your Client Site?

100%: 6%
75-99%: 18%
50% to 75%: 23%
25% to 50%: 20%
Less than 25%: 34%

eMoney’s Client Website Enables a Proactive Approach, Improves Relationships

48% of surveyed financial advisors find that the delivery of the Client Website impacted their relationship with clients by allowing a proactive approach with clients.

eMoney Advisor Customer Research

78% of Advisors agree that eMoney is innovative

When asked if eMoney is innovative, customers said:

Agree very much: 25%
Agree: 53%
Neither agree nor disagree: 18%
Disagree: 3%

Case Study: eMoney Differentiates You From Competitors, Provides Access to More Assets


This case study of MetLife, Inc. is based on a June 2014 survey of eMoney Advisor products and services customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“[With eMoney], I have enhanced the client experience and in the process removed obstacles surrounding the asset gathering process.”


  • Solved the following challenges with eMoney software:
    • Differentiated company from competitors
    • Provide access to assets held away
    • Bridged gap between organization and next generation of do-it-yourselfers’
    • Decreased legwork when planning for meetings/presentations
    • Consolidated all data in one place for easy access
    • Bridged technology gap between clients and advisors

Use Case

  • Increased prospecting and new business generation with eMoney in the following ways:
    • Differentiated tools from peers/competitors
    • Marketing tools and materials
    • Interactive presentations
    • Ability to allow collaboration with other trusted advisors
    • Ability to increase referrals
  • Reported the following eMoney features are most useful to their business:
    • Aggregation
    • Reports
    • Client Website
    • Advanced planning
    • Marketing


  • eMoney has helped grow business in the following ways:
    • Increased net new assets
    • Increased the number of financial plans
    • Attracted new clients/retain existing clients
    • Increased value of business
  • Increased client satisfaction and retention with eMoney in the following ways:
    • Organizing customer life by creating a real-time view of their financial picture
    • Developing and maintaining a living/breathing comprehensive financial plan
    • Providing complete transparency
    • Allocating assets created based on managed and non-managed assets
    • Showing a commitment to staying in front of tech trends
  • Saw a return on their investment in eMoney in < 6 months.
  • Found that the delivery of the Client Website impacted their relationship with clients in the following ways:
    • Differentiating from competitors
    • Position as client’s primary advisor
    • Enabling access to a comprehensive view of financial life
    • Providing 24-7 access to customer data and the company
    • Providing a high level of transparency
  • Increased the following with eMoney Advisor:
    • Revenue and profit: 20-40%
    • Annual cost savings: up to 10%
    • Client retention rate: > 50%
    • Additional products per client: > 50%
    • Held away assets captured: > 50%

eMoney Advisor Case Study

Case Study: A Few Minutes with eMoney Acquires New Client


This case study of YellowBrickRoad Financial Advisors is based on a July 2017 survey of eMoney Advisor customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“In my previous firm eMoney was utilized more. The best success story was immediate acquisition of a prospective client after showcasing eMoney for a few minutes. Working on increasing utilization of eMoney within current firm…”


The business challenges that led the profiled company to evaluate and ultimately select eMoney Advisor:

  • Solved for the following challenges with eMoney:
    • Having all of the data in one place for easy access
    • Easily updated financial plans

Use Case

The key features and functionalities of eMoney Advisor that the surveyed company uses:

  • Finds the following to be the most useful features from eMoney:
    • Advanced Planning
    • Aggregation
    • The reports
  • Has 75-99% of their clients use aggregation on their Client Site.


The surveyed company achieved the following results with eMoney Advisor:

  • Has grown their business in the following ways with eMoney:
    • Attracted new clients/retained existing clients
  • Has improved business efficiency with eMoney in the following ways:
    • Decreased travel time
    • Efficiently aggregated direct feeds
    • Improved team collaboration
    • Streamlined the financial planning process
  • Has increased client satisfaction and retention through the following ways with eMoney:
    • Developed and maintained a living/breathing comprehensive financial plan
    • Been able to plan interactively
  • Is able to increase prospecting and new business generation in the following ways with eMoney:
    • Provide more interactive presentations
  • Saw a return on investment in less than 6 months with eMoney.
  • Client Website has impacted their relationship with clients in the following ways:
    • Given them the ability to provide a comprehensive view of financial life
    • Provided interactivity and collaboration with clients
  • Has improved the following areas by the corresponding level since using eMoney Advisor:
    • the client retention rate: > 75%
    • the clients on target to goals: > 75%
    • efficiency and time savings: > 75%
    • held away assets captured: up to 25%
    • revenue and profit: up to 25%
  • Finds eMoney to have the most positive impact on Retirement Planning.

Attract High-Net-Worth Clients, Grow Your AUM

With the use of eMoney, I have attracted higher net worth clients, brought on larger accounts in AUM, and built better relationships with my target audience.

Financial Planner, Medium Enterprise Financial Services Company

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