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6,067 Customers Surveyed

54,381 Data Points Collected

121 Published TechFacts

78 Published Charts

37 Published Case Studies

Selected Research Highlights

eMoney Advisor Customer Statistic

Content for the website is a challenge

92% of surveyed financial advisors who selected creating or sourcing content that is relevant to their clients or time and/or resources needed to manage marketing and client communication activities use the website as part of their marketing and client communication strategy.


eMoney Advisor Case Study

Case Study: “Their Success Is Our Success”


This case study of GoalQueste, LLC is based on a July 2017 survey of eMoney Advisor customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“It’s the primary tool we use to measure, correct and track our clients’ financial success. Their success is our success.”


The business challenges that led the profiled company to evaluate and ultimately select eMoney Advisor:

  • Solved for the following challenges with eMoney:
    • Having all of the data in one place for easy access
    • Easily updated financial plans
    • Less legwork when planning for meetings/presentations

Use Case

The key features and functionalities of eMoney Advisor that the surveyed company uses:

  • Finds the following to be the most useful features from eMoney:
    • Advanced Planning
    • Aggregation
    • Cash Flow Planning
    • Client Website
    • Estate Planning
    • Goal Planning
    • The reports
    • Vault
  • Has 100% of their clients use aggregation on their Client Site.


The surveyed company achieved the following results with eMoney Advisor:

  • Has grown their business in the following ways with eMoney:
    • Attracted new clients/retained existing clients
    • Provides us “downside” protection when the market sells off. Financial planning clients are more sticky because they are focused on the parts of their financial lives that can be controlled.
  • Has improved business efficiency with eMoney in the following ways:
    • Decreased travel time
    • Efficiently aggregated direct feeds
    • Streamlined data entry
    • Streamlined the financial planning process
  • Has increased client satisfaction and retention through the following ways with eMoney:
    • New opportunities to engage spouse, children, and other trusted advisors
    • Developed and maintained a living/breathing comprehensive financial plan
    • 24/7 mobile access
    • The ability to organize their life by creating a real-time view of their financial picture
    • Tracking goals is an important one, but the software hasn’t fully delivered in that area yet.
  • Is able to increase prospecting and new business generation in the following ways with eMoney:
    • Collaborate with other trusted advisors
    • Increase the speed of onboarding new clients
    • Offer tools that are a differentiator among peers/competitors
  • Client Website has impacted their relationship with clients in the following ways:
    • Allowed them to take a proactive approach with clients
    • Given them the ability to provide a comprehensive view of financial life
    • Positioned them as their client’s primary advisor
    • Provided 24/7 access to their data and them self
  • Has improved the following areas by the corresponding level since using eMoney Advisor:
  • Finds eMoney to have the most positive impact on Goal Planning.

Case Study: Financial Planning Process More Efficient and Collaborative with eMoney


This case study of CovingtonAlsina is based on a June 2014 survey of eMoney Advisor products and services customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“Two estate attorneys have begun using the software with mutual clients. It has made the planning process more efficient and collaborative.”


  • Solved the following challenges with eMoney software:
    • Decreased legwork when planning for meetings/presentations
    • Provided ability to easily updated financial plans
    • Consolidated all data in one place for easy access
    • Achieved collaboration/sharing of data among team members and trusted advisors

Use Case

  • Increased prospecting and new business generation with eMoney in the following ways:
    • Differentiated tools from peers/competitors
    • Ability to allow collaboration with other trusted advisors
  • Reported the following eMoney features are most useful to their business:
    • Aggregation
    • Vault
    • Client Website
    • Advanced planning


  • EMoney has helped grow business in the following ways:
    • Increased the number of financial plans
    • Increased client “share of wallet”
    • Attracted new clients/retain existing clients
    • Scaled business
  • Reduced business costs with eMoney in the following ways:
    • Streamlined financial planning process
    • Improved team collaboration [data is more easily shared]
  • Increased client satisfaction and retention with eMoney in the following ways:
    • Organizing customer life by creating a real-time view of their financial picture
    • Providing mobile access [24/7]
    • Creating opportunities to engage spouse, children and other trusted advisors
    • Showing a commitment to staying in front of tech trends
    • Emergency/contingency planning with Vault uploads.
  • Saw a return on their investment in eMoney in 6–12 months.
  • Found that the delivery of the Client Website impacted their relationship with clients in the following ways:
    • Differentiating from competitors
    • Providing interactivity and collaboration amongst clients
    • Position as client’s primary advisor
    • Enabling access to a comprehensive view of financial life
    • Providing 24-7 access to customer data and the company
    • Allowing proactive approach with clients
  • Increased the following with eMoney Advisor:
    • Revenue and profit: up to 10%
    • Annual cost savings: up to 10%
    • Client retention rate: up to 10%
    • Additional products per client: up to 10%
    • Held away assets captured: up to 10%

I knew eMoney was worth the investment when I had a pre-retiree prospect in the office and, after showing them them a marketing video from eMoney, the prospect looked at her husband and said “We need something like that to help us budget in retirement!” They signed on as a client and we started the eMoney on-boarding process that day.

Adam Cmejla, Financial Planner, Integrated Planning & Wealth Management

eMoney Advisor Customer Research

By how much has your marketing and client communication strategy helped you grow in each of the following areas over the past year?

S Significantly Helped S Greatly Helped S Moderately Helped S Did Not Help Very Much S Did Not Help At All

Trust between clients and me

eMoney Advisor Customer Research

Nearly a quarter of eMoney users increased client retention by 75%, more than a third increased held-away assets captured by 50% or more

Please indicate by what percentage you have increased the following by using eMoney Advisor.

S > 75% S 50% to 75% S 25% to 50% S Up to 25%

Client retention rate
Clients on target to goals
Efficiency and time saving
Held away assets captured
Revenue and profit

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