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Selected Research Highlights

75% of Organizations Chose Duo Over Cumbersome Hardware Tokens

What are/were the primary reason(s) that your organization selected Duo Security’s two-factor authentication solution?

Ease of administration
Ease of setup
No need for token or other company-provided end user devices
Prevalence of employees using their own smartphones at work
Duo is easy to do business with

Duo Security Customer Testimonial

Duo Security is 100% deployed in our environment giving us the security of two-factor authentication. With Duo in place, we are also able to do business with clients that required 2FA to do business with.

Alex Munoz, Network Administrator, Wyrick Robbins Yates & Ponton

Duo Security Customer Research

Since deploying Duo Security’s two-factor solution, the number of help requests have been reduced by:

11-25%: 14%
75% or more: 14%
26-50%: 19%
51-75%: 25%
Up to 10%: 28%

Duo Security Customer Testimonial

Duo has helped keep accounts secure and allows us to comply with IT audit requirements. It’s easy enough to use so there isn’t much push back from the users.

Monica Bhiro, Senior IT Administrator, Arbor Commercial Mortgage

Duo Security Case Study

Valmark Securities: Providing Easy-to-Adopt Security to Financial Organizations


This case study of ValMark Securities is based on a November 2016 survey of Duo Security customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“Duo Platform Edition gives us the visibility and control to ensure that trusted users on healthy devices are accessing the right applications.”


The biggest challenge for Valmark Securities was that they needed to ensure the successful adoption of security products company-wide. Therefore, it is critical to them to find an easy-to-use solution.

Use Case


Valmark has a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy where they have a remote workforce accessing corporate resources on their personal and corporate issued devices. Even though they have a VPN to protect on-premise applications, they need to also secure access to their cloud applications.

  • Uses Duo Platform edition for the following in their organization:
    • Block out-of-date devices from accessing their resources
    • Prevent access from users in foreign countries


Valmark Securities chose Duo Platform for the following reasons:

  • It helped solve their concerns with BYOD management
  • It’s an easy to use solution that gave them trust and confidence

Duo’s Platform Edition also provided key features that they would have gotten from a Vulnerability Assessment, IAM (Identity and Access Management) Solution and SSO vendor.

Valmark Securities loves the fact that Duo Platform edition can help them manage access to both on-premise and cloud applications

Duo Security Case Study

Fortune 500 Health Care Company Chooses Duo Platform Edition


This case study of a Fortune 500 health care company is based on a July 2016 survey of Duo Security customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“I trust Duo Security to protect my organization against data breaches, even in the event of a successful phishing attack against our employees.”


  • Deployed a multi-factor solution at their organization because of the following reasons:
    • Regulatory Compliance (HIPAA)
    • A previous breach or leak led to the need for further security measures
    • It’s part of their company-wide security strategy
    • It added layer of security to protect against user-target attacks (such as phishing and social engineering)
  • Finds the following to be most concerning about personal mobile devices in the workplace:
    • Unpatched devices or those that cannot receive updates
    • Devices running on out-of-date operating systems
    • Outdated plugins on devices
    • Devices using out-of-date Internet browsers
    • Unencrypted devices
    • Devices not using screenlocks such as TouchID or passcodes
    • Having limited or no visibility into the security health of employee devices

Use Case

  • Has the following when it comes to employees at their organization using their personal devices to access business applications:
    • Uses Duo Platform to get insight into the security health of employee devices
  • Has concerns about the devices their employees are using to access business applications.
  • Is focused on addressing the following key threats in the next two years:
    • User-targeted attacks/phishing
    • Remote exploitation
    • Malware


The surveyed company achieved the following results with Duo Security:

  • Chose Duo over other competitors because of the following reasons:
    • Variety of authentication methods
    • Overall costs-overhead
    • Confidence/trust
    • Ease of management
    • Ease of use
    • User experience
    • Support availability
    • Excellent documentation and knowledge base
    • Many out-of-the-box integrations
    • Duo Push / Mobile phones as an authentication method

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