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Selected Research Highlights

Educational Institutions Fight Phishing with Duo

What were the top challenges you were trying to solve for when deploying a two-factor solution at your organization?

Phishing attacks have become more prevalent in the past year
Regulatory compliance
Previous breach led to need for further security measures
Students, staff, faculty, and parents were requesting security measures that would protect their HR and other data
Heard in the media about two-factor authentication as a potential solution for data breaches

Case Study: Salux Healthcare


This case study of Salux Healthcare is based on a August 2015 survey of Duo Security customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“More people are aware of security, since they are now forced to use their phone to log in to some applications. Besides this, we as an IT department feel more secure, because even if hackers get the username/password of our user, they still can’t access without a phone.”


  • Main motivators for deploying a two-factor authentication solution:
    • Previous breach or leak led to our need for further security measures

Use Case

  • Integrations used alongside Duo:
    • OWA, Confluence and RDP integrations
  • Has integrated Duo’s two-factor authentication solution with existing devices and applications:
    • Seamlessly
    • Easily
    • Quickly
  • Most concerned about phishing attacks could lead to additional data access in our systems in the event of a data breach.


  • What I do know is that many healthcare organizations don’t have much IT knowledge, so some of them don’t even know they have a security breach. Once they find out, Duo is basically a really quick and easy solution, why should you not do it right?

74% of Customers Allow Corporate Access through Personal Computers

From which end user devices can your employees access your corporate or cloud applications?

Employees' personal computers
Employees' personal smartphones
Employees' personal tablets
Company administered tablets
Company administered personal computers
Company administered smartphones

Case Study: Automotive & Transport Company on RSA vs. Duo


This case study of a small business automotive & transport company is based on a February 2016 survey of Duo Security customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“I believe that Duo Security’s two-factor authentication service is easier to manage than RSA SecurID and employees at my organization prefer Duo over RSA.”


  • Top reasons for preferring Duo Security over RSA SecurID:
    • Ease of use
    • Ease of administration and management
    • No tokens or fobs to deal with and manage
    • Reduction in help desk tickets

Use Case

  • Replaced lost or broken tokens monthly while using RSA SecurID
  • Currently replacing RSA with Duo
  • Has no employees dedicated entirely to security


  • Reduced the number of help requests by 26-50% since deploying Duo Security’s two-factor solution.

Duo Security Customer Testimonial

Duo has helped us implement two-factor authentication with our VPN solution.

System Administrator, Fortune 500 Computer Services Company

Duo Security Customer Satisfaction Rating

We have used RSA in previous jobs. Duo is a much greater product that saves time and money when compared to RSA.

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