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Selected Research Highlights

Duo Security Customer Satisfaction Rating

Dave Anderson, a Director of Security & IT at Greenhouse Software, said they would be very likely to recommend Duo Security for this reason:

Duo has the best interactive two-factor authentication solution on the market.

We have seen value in the data we get from Duo regarding authentication sources, as well as now having user device information that was largely opaque to us. Additionally, having the confidence that the plethora of stolen passwords, and the propensity of users to reuse even compromised passwords, will have a reduced impact to our online infrastructure and services.

Thomas Siu, Chief Information Security Officer, Case Western Reserve University

Duo Security Customer Research

Two-thirds of Duo customers use Office 365

Does your organization currently use Office 365 or have plans to migrate to Office 365 in the next 12 months?

Yes, we use it today: 55%
No, but we plan to move to Office 365 in the next 12 months: 12%
No, we do not plan to move to Office 365: 33%

Case Study: Large Enterprise Healthcare Company


This case study of a large enterprise health care company is based on a August 2015 survey of Duo Security customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“Adding Duo has rather easily closed a hole in our security posture with minimal push-back from our employees.”


  • Main motivators for deploying a two-factor authentication solution:
    • Regulatory compliance, such as HIPAA
    • High-profile healthcare breaches continue to increase in number and impact for customers and brand visibility
    • Identified area of weakness in security posture
  • On phishing attacks the company trains employees in the following way:
    • Trains employees on how to avoid phishing attacks but have still had employees who fall for phishing attempts
    • Trains employees on how to avoid phishing attacks and they grasp the danger of a single employee falling for a phishing attack

Use Case

  • Integrations used alongside Duo:
    • Cisco
  • Has integrated Duo’s two-factor authentication solution with existing devices and applications:
    • Easily
    • Quickly
  • Most concerned about damage of brand reputation in the event of a data breach.
  • Two-factor authentication vendors evaluated prior to deploying Duo:
    • RSA/EMC/SecureID
    • Microsoft
    • Gemalto
    • Entrust


  • Believes the costs of a healthcare data breach have increased in the past year.

75% of Organizations Chose Duo Over Cumbersome Hardware Tokens

What are/were the primary reason(s) that your organization selected Duo Security’s two-factor authentication solution?

Ease of administration
Ease of setup
No need for token or other company-provided end user devices
Prevalence of employees using their own smartphones at work
Duo is easy to do business with

Case Study: Equity Bank


This case study of Equity Bank is based on a March 2016 survey of Duo Security customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.


  • On phishing attacks the company trains employees in the following way:
    • Not only trained employees on how to avoid phishing attacks but also does internal simulated phishing attacks to train our employees on warning signs to look out for in a real attack scenario
  • Believes that the number of phishing attacks have increased over the past few years.
  • Concerned about phishing attacks within their organization.

Use Case

  • Has seen 10+ phishing attacks in their organization over the past year.
  • Has the following tools available to their employees for helping them understand the dangers of phishing:
    • Internal phishing simulations
    • Outside professionals to educate our users on good security practices
    • Occasional emails reminding employees to beware of phishing attempts


  • Benefits seen from deploying Duo Security:
    • Is effective because it’s easy for IT to deploy and manage
    • Is effective because our employees love it and use it
    • Has saved them money compared to their previous solution
    • Is easier to use than their previous solution
    • Is easy to get up and running for someone just getting started with two-factor
    • Offers a wide variety of authentication methods for employees to log in, regardless of where they are or how they work
  • Reduced the number of help requests by 51-75% since deploying Duo Security’s two-factor solution.

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