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Drillinginfo Customer Research

What were the top purchasing drivers for buying Drillinginfo for Oilfield Services?

Most accurate rig location information
Support business development activity
Access to daily reports on operator activity
Availability of a mobile app

Drillinginfo Customer Satisfaction Rating

Brandon Montagne, a Marketing Professional at Aggreko, would be very likely to recommend Drillinginfo for this reason:

Great intel, user-friendly interface. Drillinginfo is very useful for my organization.

Drillinginfo Customer Statistic

Find Leads Faster

70% of surveyed organizations increased their lead generation by 25% or more using Drillinginfo.


Drillinginfo Customer Research

Has using Drillinginfo helped increase your close rates or sales?

Yes: 79%
No: 21%

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About Drillinginfo

Drillinginfo is a comprehensive information resource for your entire enterprise. It works for everyone, from the top floor to the rig floor. DI provides the most up-to-date land & leasing, well, and regulatory data through a powerful, easy-to-use search application. They deliver ready-to-serve results in user-friendly formats that make it easy to digest and distribute throughout your organization.

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