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DirectCourse Customer Testimonial

The assigned courses can be changed according to the needs of our clients and the activities in our community. Several staff have referenced several items/situations from the courses that stood out to them and they have applied in their daily work.

Lynne Manning, Director of Rehab Services, Industrial Opportunities Inc

DirectCourse Customer Testimonial

Our organization uses DirectCourse to address DSP engagement and retention by virtue of the College of Direct Support’s tools for ensuring ongoing training and the development of job-relevant knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Patrick Spears, Director of Quality Assurance, Therapeutic Intervention Services, PLLC

DirectCourse Customer Satisfaction Rating

Peggy Hinman, an Adult Program Coordinator at The Root Cellar ministry, would be very likely to recommend DirectCourse for this reason:

We have many international students we service through DirectCourse that have just arrived in America with their degrees, etc. The minute they arrive they look for opportunities to further their education and get a certificate from a class in the USA. They have especially enjoyed taking this class online with The Root Cellar ministry.

In many of the countries, there are very few resources and programs for people with disabilities and special training for Direct Support Providers. Once our students understand the rights and privileges of these underserved populations they want to take the training home to their countries for educational purposes and see the need for this type of training.

DirectCourse Customer Satisfaction Rating

Easily track and measure compliance

Andy Schmitt, an Operations Assistant at Resources For Human Development, would be very likely to recommend DirectCourse for this reason:

Something that has frustrated me with different training services is how I wasn’t able to set specific due dates for benchmarks or monitor progress, but with DirectCourse, I am able to do this and it has made this aspect of my job much easier.

Also, the ability to easily create learners and assign them a curriculum is made very easy via DirectCourse. Often with other services, it is a NIGHTMARE!

DirectCourse Customer Satisfaction

3 out of 4 clients recommend DirectCourse.

76% of surveyed organizations are likely to recommend DirectCourse.*

DirectCourse Customer Statistic

475 surveyed clients say DirectCourse helps improve their DSP retention efforts.

58% of organizations agreed with the following statement:

“Investing in DirectCourse’s competency-based online education has helped our organization improve Direct Support Professional recruitment and retention rates.

DirectCourse Customer Statistic

We asked 800+ DirectCourse clients.

93% of organizations agreed with the following statement:

“DirectCourse has helped our organization standardize competency-based supports and help ensure a higher level of compliance with licensing/accrediting organizations. "


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