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247 Customers Surveyed

2,220 Data Points Collected

25 Published TechFacts

29 Published Charts

11 Published Case Studies

Selected Research Highlights

PacketTrap Solution – Remote Access from Anywhere, No VPN connection Required

A medium enterprise computer services company provided Remote Systems Access from anywhere without VPN requirements by deploying the PacketTrap solution.

Case Study: Small Business Computer Services MSP


This case study of a small business computer services company is based on a April 2010 survey of Quest PacketTrap MSP customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“We chose PacketTrap for its ease of install, no onsite hardware, better features and I own the software vs monthly rental.”


  • Solved the following challenges for their customers by using their Quest PacketTrap MSP:
    • Ability to monitor servers
    • Traffic monitoring and alerts
    • Reporting

Use Case

  • Monitors 1200 servers, desktops, laptops, and other devices.
  • Use TigerPaw for Professional Service Automation (PSA) today.


  • Rated their overall satisfaction with their Quest PacketTrap MSP as very satisfied.
  • Loaded their Quest PacketTrap MSP and started monitoring in 20 minutes.
  • Recommends their Quest PacketTrap MSP to other MSPs for the following reasons:
    • Ease of use
    • Functionality and features
    • Support and technical knowledge
  • Outperforms other remote network management solutions in the following areas:
    • Custom scripts
    • NOC View
  • Selected their Quest PacketTrap MSP for the following reasons:
    • Technology offered increased value/efficencies for current customers
    • Technical support and training
    • Product features and functionality

Excellent Network Infrastructure Monitoring

What was the greatest determining factor for purchasing Quest PacketTrap MSP?

Features such as scripting, AV, remote access: 15%
Customer support: 1%
Business consulting support - acceleration program: 5%
Network infrastructure monitoring: 62%
Other: 17%

Case Study: Medium Enterprise Professional Services Company


This case study of a medium enterprise professional services company is based on a May 2012 survey of Quest PacketTrap MSP customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“PacketTrap MSP does not require oodles of time configuring and scripting — the default configuration works well for us in most cases. We wanted something that would dramatically speed up onboarding of new MSP clients, and PacketTrap has given us that.”


  • Addressed the following operational challenges by deploying PacketTrap’s Remote Monitoring and Management solution:
    • Minimized management of multiple solutions tools
    • Provided Remote Systems Access from anywhere without VPN requirements
    • Increased customer mgmt efficiency for staff
    • Improved ability to reduce downtime average for customers
    • Provided the ability to diagnose network issues quickly and remotely
    • Provided Network assessment solution
    • Replaced manual remediation with auto-remediation
    • Easy to onboard new clients
  • Solved the following technical challenges by deploying the PacketTrap solutions for their clients:
    • Reduced downtime, increased uptime
    • Increased awareness of network health
    • Improved network performance
    • Improved server performance
    • Improved workstation performance
    • Addressed bandwidth issues/ latency

Use Case

  • Leverages/values PacketTrap the following remote access tools built-in to the solution the most:
    • Expert Assist
  • Most commonly asked to address user workstation performance issues (browser is running slowly) during on-site visits.
  • Uses Sage Business Works.


  • Found the following aspects of PacketTrap PSA were the most appealing during their demo trial:
    • Using another vendor (not in the market)
  • Reduced the cost of managing IT in the following ways with PacketTrap:
    • By being able diagnose issues much faster with view into clients’ entire network, making on-site visits more productive
    • By reducing travel time and associated fees, including overtime pay by automating many routine IT management tasks
    • By increasing ability to manage multiple and comprehensive networks remotely within a single interface
  • Finds the follow are the most valuable aspects of PacketTrap’s MSP solution:
    • Servers & Desktops monitoring/mgmt
    • Network device monitoring/mgmt
    • VM monitoring/mgmt
    • Printer monitoring/mgmt
    • Network Traffic Analysis
    • Website Surfing Analysis
    • MSP Acceleration – Business Consulting
    • Global Policy Device Mgmt
    • Antivirus offering
    • Remote Access options
    • Network Diagnostic Tools
    • Customer Licensing Model

PacketTrap MSP Value – Expert Assist

71% of surveyed IT organizations leverage/value PacketTrap Expert Assist remote access tool the most.

“Extras” Provided During Service Requests

What is the most common “extra” task you’re asked to complete by clients during an on-site visit?

Security issues – Check PC or server for a virus: 6%
User workstation performance issues – Browser is running slowly: 26%
Hardware issues – Monitor issues, printer is down: 11%
General IT management – A user can’t log in, desktop configurations need to be fixed, a new software update needs to be pushed: 36%
network management issues – Bandwidth problem or router/ switch issue: 18%
Other: 3%

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