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Datavail Database Services Customer Fact

A Fortune 500 electronics company wanted to lower costs, provide better coverage of their databases (i.e. 24×7, weekends/holidays), reduce onstaff turnover or burnout, and redeploy and/or augment onstaff resources when they hired Datavail.

Datavail Database Services Customer Statistic

82% of surveyed IT organizations wanted to provide better coverage of their databases (i.e. 24×7, weekends/holidays) when they hired Datavail.


Datavail Customer Testimonial

Gave DBA’s back time after work hours with Datavail’s after hours coverage.

Engineer, Large Enterprise Professional Services Company

Datavail Customer Statistic

70% of surveyed organizations have improved the quality of their database administration since hiring Datavail.


Datavail Database Services Customer Satisfaction Rating

An IT Professional of an S&P 500 energy & utilities company would be likely to recommend Datavail Database Services for this reason:

Having 24/7 database monitoring and support is in our best interest and we get that from DatAvail. Although there is room for software improvement, DatAvail’s proprietary monitoring tool, Delta is relatively efficient in meeting our needs."

“Very happy” with Datavail’s Oracle Support

We have been very happy with the service Datavail has provided in maintaining and supporting our critical Oracle databases. They are always quick to act when issues come up and proactively look for issues before they become outages.

IT Director, Medium Enterprise Consumer Products Company

Datavail Allows Us To Focus on Growing the Business

Datavail provides knowledgeable and professional staff to resolve issues quickly and allows the company to focus on growing the business.

IT Professional, Medium Enterprise Insurance Company

High Level of Talent – without spending “a lot more money”

We couldn’t possibly attract and retain the level of DBA talent we have at our disposal from Datavail without spending a LOT more money.

George Amols, Technology Architecture Manager, Mary Washington Healthcare

Datavail Allows Us to Focus on More Strategic Projects

Shifting Operational DBA activities to Datavail has helped us shift the focus of the on-site DBA to more strategic projects. Knowing the databases are monitored and acted upon 24X7 gives us a feeling of comfort.

IT Director, Medium Enterprise Retail Company

“Knowledgeable and Reliable Resources while Reducing Costs”

Datavail has provided us with resources that are knowledgeable, reliable and understand our business needs while reducing our costs.

IT Architect, Medium Enterprise Telecommunications Services Company

DBA Backup without Hiring New People

Datavail has helped me back up our DBA team without having to hire new people.

IT Director, Medium Enterprise Industrial Manufacturing Company

Datavail Allows Us to “focus” on business issues

Employing services from Datavail has allowed our team to focus on more pressing business matters and deliver better results to our customers.

IT Vice President, Large Enterprise Hospitality Company

Datavail “Solved our 24×7 Needs”

Datavail solved our 24×7 DBA support needs by providing an experienced offshore team. Datavail helped us to solve issues with Oracle technologies.

Database Manager, Global 500 Professional Services Company

24X7 DBA Support

We now have around the clock DBA support.

System Administrator, Large Enterprise Professional Services Company

Datavail Enables Retail Company to “Focus on other key initiatives”

Datavail serves a valid function in our organization, allowing us to focus on other key initiatives.

Procurement Manager, Medium Enterprise Retail Company

“High Quality DBA Services”

Datavail has provided high quality DBA services that have helped keep our database up and running well for years now.

IT Project Manager, S&P 500 Professional Services Company

Datavail Provides “Expertise on Difficult Technological Questions”

Datavail has improved our coverage for database monitoring. They have provided expertise needed on difficult technological questions. They provide the skilled resources necessary to augment our current DBA staff.

IT Director, Non Profit

Datavail “Sets the Bar” for our Service Partners

HealthMEDX is able to scale our Hosting business and the supporting database operations it requires by utilizing Datavail DBA services and monitoring solutions to augment our on-premise employee base. The partnership simply works for us and our employees; they set the bar for all of our service partners.

Chris M. Bingham, Vice President, Infrastructure, HealthMEDX

Datavail Saves Us “Money, Time and Effort”

Having the ability to gain 24/7 certified DBA support for less than a full time DBA saves the company money, time and effort in managing our database servers.

Todd Ekey, IT Manager, Springfield Clinic

Achieving “Better Performance” from Database

Datavail has helped us keep our database running and continues to work with us to get better performance from our database.

IT Director, Medium Enterprise Real Estate Company

“Reliability and Consistency” from Datavail

Datavail has brought reliability and consistency into my operational DBA support aspects. Datavail also has a good grasp of the onshore offshore DBA model, resulting in less turnaround and optimizing use of DBA resources.

IT Manager, Fortune 500 Computer Hardware Company

85% of organizations agreed with the following statement:

“Datavail helped our organization save costs and improve the quality of our database administration.”

83% of Clients Say Datavail Saved Costs AND Improved Quality of Database Administration

83% of organizations agreed with the following statement:

“Datavail helped our organization save costs and improve the quality of our database administration.”

Chris M. Bingham, a Vice President, Infrastructure at HealthMEDX, is very likely to recommend* Datavail for the following reason:

“I have used Datavail for almost 10 years and they are a trusted partner and they set the bar for other service organizations and partners. They are an outstanding organization and their operational model simply works at any volume I need it to work.”

*Based on a response of 10 to the question “On a scale of 0-10, how likely would you be to recommend Datavail?”

Datavail has allowed us to stop being afraid of the burden of database management and optimization. With their help, we can focus on the special things that we create as an organization but avoid the database specific issues that we didn’t know or understand well.

IT Manager, Small Business Computer Services Company

81% of surveyed organizations have improved round-the-clock coverage since hiring Datavail.

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