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The non-disruptive upgrades are the top most feature we love.

Vincent Unal, IT Specialist, Runiso

Simple, effective, and robust.

Cesar Prevital, IT Administrator, Terres Comtoises

We duplicated our data in two separate buildings, so that in case of fire or other disaster the data will be safe.

Dirk Luebbers, IT Manager, C. Otto Gehrckens GmbH & Co

Higher availability of virtualized storage. Storage related management tasks are now focused on just one solution. Overall storage related infrastructure became much less complicated. Increased independence when acquiring new/additional storage. Implementing changes became a lot less disruptive.

Jörg Bultmann, IT Professional, Harting Technology Group

La facilité d’administration de la solution. La disponibilité du stockage via deux sites de production.

Alain Basinc, Chief Technology Officer, Maire De Lognes

DataCore is easy to manage, fast, and efficient. That’s why it is the best solution for us.

Josef Reiser, IT Specialist, Tyczka Totalgaz GmbH

DataCore works transparently across our storage infrastructure. Since the installation we have had no downtime.

Stephan Speckmann, Chief Information Officer, Duetz Fashion GmbH

DataCore is very flexible, it is easy to integrate different storage and support is very responsive and problem focused.

Feras Sabha, Senior System Administrator, OFID

The use of standard x86 hardware, no downtime, storage performance, and simple licensing.

Andreas Hasenberg, Chief Information Officer, Stadt Witten

DataCore works!

Michel Reischl, IT Professional, Briloner Leuchten GmbH

Low-cost storage, but get fast performance with DataCore.

Dirk Tesan, IT Operations Manager, Scania Deutschland GmbH

Peace of mind. Storage at two different locations can be rebooted and/or worked on without downtime.

Kris Vanderveken, IT Administrator, Drukkerij Artoos

Benefits realized include:

Realized the following benefits with DataCore:

  • Easy to use
  • Synchronous mirror for redundant arrays and data
  • High Performance
  • Increasing storage is no problem
  • Switching storage hardware is no problem

Manuel Eder, IT Manager, Madeleine Mode

[With DataCore we have] ease of administration, added performance bonus, consolidation of arrays and independence thereof.

Richard de Mooij, IT Architect, Ziekenhuis Gelderse Vallei

Es un sistema fiable, seguro y nada problemático.

Oscar Martin, IT Manager, OSI Food Solutions Spain

No more downtime and no stress during upgrades.

Thomas Cuelho, IT Administrator, Ecole nationale de la magistrature ENM

[We have] high availability at moderate costs by reusing hardware and limiting changes to components with better performance (for example – moving from 1Gbps to 10 Gbps iSCSI).

Alexander Million, IT Administrator, Orthomol Pharmazeutische Vertriebs

DataCore Customer Testimonial

Running 2 mirrored SANs has major benefits since traditional SANs can always run into an isolated issue (firmware upgrades, multiple media failures). Managing DataCore is easy. It’s well designed and performs well even with commodity hardware. Running DataCore let’s one sleep better.

Guido Meijers, IT Manager, GP International Holding

With DataCore we built real time data mirroring between two plants. With auto-tiering we effectively boosted performance.

Giorgio Benedetti, Chief Information Officer, Stroili Oro Group

The virtualization layer of DataCore made capacity handling and planning a lot easier. Also satisfying dynamically the performance needs of any application using the auto-tiering feature gave us the possibility of designing our storage backend with a cost effective mixture of different classes of disk storage and combine it with high performance flash storage.

Thomas Ueberhofen, IT Specialist, Dumont Systems & Co.KG Berlin

DataCore provides:

  • No downtime
  • Flexible solution in terms of speed and disk space
  • Stable solution – no interruptions
  • Future proof because of hardware independence

Chief Information Officer, Medium Enterprise Pharmaceuticals Company

80% of surveyed IT organizations completed 2 or more non-disruptive/seamless data migrations, upgrades and technology refreshes since DataCore was installed.

60% of surveyed IT organizations have run DataCore without any storage-related planned or unplanned downtime for 2 years or more.

33% of surveyed IT organizations have run DataCore without any storage-related planned or unplanned downtime for 4+ years or more.

60% of surveyed IT organizations reduced their storage-related downtime by 90% or more since implementing DataCore.

CxOs Happy with Move to DataCore

74% of surveyed CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, CSOs, and CTOs agree the transition to DataCore was well planned and expertly executed.

50% or more Savings in Time Managing Storage

72% of surveyed IT organizations decreased the amount of time spent on routine storage tasks by 50% or more with DataCore.

5x or More Performance Improvement

48% of surveyed IT organizations improved performance by 5x or more with DataCore.

DataCore Customer Statistic

Nearly 50% of surveyed IT organizations realized positive ROI within 180 days with DataCore.

More than 60% of customers have been able to defer at least 2 storage refresh cycles

62% of surveyed IT organizations have been able to defer 2 or more storage hardware refresh cycles using DataCore Software.

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