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DataCore Customer Testimonial

Stabiles, performantes System mit einem extrem guten Support. Das Storage macht keine Arbeit und selbst wenn ein Hardwaredefekt auftritt ist noch kein Grund zu Panik angesagt. Durch die Wartungsfreundlichkeit bleibt Zeit für andere Dinge.

IT Administrator, Small Business Energy & Utilities Company

DataCore Customer Testimonial

Erspart uns viele Donwtimes. Sehr hohe Ausfallsicherheit. Erleichterte Administration usw.

Horst Schmitt, IT Administrator, Universitätsklinikum Frankfurt Goethe-Universität

DataCore Customer Testimonial

  • Transparente und gut skalierbare Speicherverwaltung
  • Einfache und sichere Handhabung
  • Zuverlässigkeit und Ausfallsicherheit

IT Professional, Non Profit

DataCore Customer Testimonial

Größte Vorteile sind die hohe Zuverlässigkeit bei gleichzeitiger Flexibilität, die geringere Abhängigkeit von Herstellern wegen der Hardware-Unabhängigkeit von DataCore, der perfekte Schutz gegen Hardware-Ausfälle.

Thomas Ilte, IT Administrator, Leibniz-Institut fuer Agrartechnik Potsdam-Bornim

DataCore Customer Testimonial

Erheblich bessere Ausnutzung des Storage-Bereichs.

Bernd Burkhart, Chief Information Officer, Kliniken an der Paar

3X or More Performance Improvement

79% of surveyed IT organizations improved performance by 3x or more since virtualizing their storage with DataCore.

71% of surveyed IT organizations reduced their storage-related downtime by 75% or more since implementing DataCore.

Performance, high availability, fewer hardware refresh cycles, and other features such as remote replication (DRP), Random Write Accelerator, and CDP (Continuous Data Protection).

David Nogueira, Chief Information Officer, Manpower Group Solutions

There is a much better level of IT infrastructure accesibility than before.

Stanislav Priscak, IT Manager, VUSCH Kosice

High availability, user friendly interface, quick provisioning, and wide hardware support.

Roman Bohus, IT Specialist, Transpetrol

DataCore SANsymphony not only provided Stennis Data Center the virtualization of our SAN, but also provided the capability to mirror our SAN environment. That alone has protected out critical applications from unplanned outages. The Engineering and Test Directorate at Stennis Space Center is currently testing the new rocket engines for the Space Launch System, and a system outage could have scrubbed a test, costing millions of dollars to reschedule. DataCore has been extremely important in ensuring the Stennis Data Center services are high performing and highly available.

David Oakes, Systems Support Manager, Stennis Data Center, ASRC Federal, Stennis Space Center

Great fail over, little to no downtime.
Less monitoring of services.

Mike Baker, IT Specialist, DRS

Since implementing DataCore …

Seamless data replication, no downtime, and no corruption anymore.

Storage Administrator, Medium Enterprise Media & Entertainment Company

스토리지 사용의 편리성, 스토리지 이중화 구성이 쉽다

Ease of use, easy to configure, storage redundancy.

Young-Seok Oh, IT Manager, Korea Financial Intelligence Unit

儲存有彈性, 容易使用

Flexible, easy to use storage.

Chun-Xi Wu, IT Manager, San Fu Chemical

Can adapt to almost any kind of storage in the support matrix, full high availability / Active-Active, and high CP value.

Antony Chen, IT Director, Lea Lea Technology

DataCore makes it easy to migrate data between storage arrays. DataCore also makes it very easy to replace server hardware.

Nicholas Jennings, Senior System Administrator, Canterbury District Health Board


Significantly accelerated storage performance, increased reliability, reduced downtime. Support for storage devices across different platforms is one of the reasons I like DataCore.

Ken Hsu, IT Professional, Airoha Technology Corporation

Uses IT resources effectively for my enterprise.

Jie-min Lee, Consultant, Chinese Petroleum Corporation


Convenient management and expansion of storage.

Benjamin Lee, IT Manager, Symtek Automation Asia

Cost effective, reliable product.

Bhavesh Soni, Senior IT Manager, Venner Medical Singapore


Powerful performance and stable solution.

Yanqin Wang, Engineer, Inspur

DataCore Replication

I can easily take down one of the DataCore servers during the day to perform Windows Updates, patch ESXi or even upgrade the DataCore software to the latest PSP without any downtime at all. Nobody in our organization even notices there is maintenance going on.

Felipe Abreu, Network Administrator, Innotech Control Systems Australia

Most significant performance increase was with our SQL database and AIX platform. Operations and reports that use to take hours are only taking minutes after we implemented DataCore.

Mark Naidoo, IT Architect, Transdev Australasia

I can sleep at night.

Ian Revault d'Allonnes, IT Architect, Un Jour Ailleurs

I have seen the following benefits:

  • Easy business continuity (PCA) implementation.
  • Easy storage management in terms of volumes and distribution to hosts
  • Management interface is easy to use and understand.
  • Stability of this solution
  • Easy way to migrate storage

Didier Benadet, Senior IT Architect, Journal Sud Ouest

Our organization originally implemented SANmelody as a ‘cost effective’ SAN solution. This enabled us to take advantage of enterprise storage solutions, such as blade technology, clustering, MPIO, and high availability. We have since migrated to SANsymphony, benefiting from the enhancements offered by the latest versions, whilst maintaining a resilient centralized storage solution.

Mike Duxbury, Server Administrator, Volkswagen Group UK

Reliable and stable software. It’s also easy to use and easy to manage.

Thijs Kappert, IT Manager, TCR Groep

Simple and very effective active/active storage cluster, huge performance benefits using RAM as cache. Looking forward to utilizing auto-tiering!

Haris Saracevic, System Administrator, Belgrade Stock Exchange

I can switch from one data center to the other when our electricians need to work on the power circuits without impacting availability.

Andr Paetzold, IT Manager, Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft

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