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Infrastructure-wide High Availability and Auto-tiering from DataCore

Transparent failover capabilities are a great plus. Auto-tiering together with SSD storage is a huge advantage.

IT Director, Large Enterprise Media & Entertainment Company

SANsymphony-V: The Software-defined Storage Platform

This is a game changer which is ahead of the times and is a key element to help organizations truly achieve a Software-defined Data Center (SDDC).

Irvin Nio, IT Architect, Capgemini

Performance and Availability without the Expense

DataCore + Midrange Storage = High-End Storage.

IT Architect, Medium Enterprise Transportation Services Company

Benefits experienced by Large Manufacturing Company

With DataCore we have:

  • Great speed-up of the storage environment
  • Synchronous mirroring together with the automatic failover and failback are killer features
  • High availability and worry-free maintenance
  • Auto-tiering helps to save money by combining a big, inexpensive Nearline-pool and a “small,” very fast, higher-cost SSD-pool to please the board of directors

IT Professional, Large Enterprise Industrial Manufacturing Company

Prevent planned and unplanned downtime using DataCore

54% of surveyed IT organizations reduced their storage-related downtime by 90% or more since implementing DataCore.

Avoid buying more storage by using DataCore to reclaim overprovisioned and wasted capacity

64% of surveyed IT organizations turned stranded storage capacity into 50% or more free space with DataCore.


Painless data migrations and hardware upgrades after virtualizing with DataCore software

72% of surveyed IT organizations cut planned downtime on data migrations, upgrades and technology refreshes by > 50% or more with DataCore.

Less time spent managing storage and greater IT productivity with DataCore automation

59% of surveyed IT organizations decreased the amount of time spent on routine storage tasks by 50% or more since virtualizing their storage with DataCore.

Non-stop operations 5+ years and counting

13% of surveyed IT organizations have been running DataCore without any storage-related planned or unplanned downtime for 5+ years or more.

Achieve continuous availability with DataCore

50% of surveyed IT organizations have been running DataCore without any storage-related planned or unplanned downtime for 2+ years or more.

Save big on storage after virtualizing with DataCore

77% of surveyed IT organizations effectively reduced their storage-related spending by 25% or more with DataCore.

Extend life of investments with DataCore

59% of surveyed IT organizations have been able to defer 2 or more storage hardware refresh cycles using DataCore software.

Quick payoff from virtualizing storage with DataCore

51% of surveyed IT organizations realized a positive ROI in 6 months or less with DataCore.

Peace of Mind with DataCore

The main benefit we get from DataCore is the sense of security knowing that our data is backed up in multiple locations and I can easily recover from failures.

Dave Miller, IT Manager, Keri Systems Inc.

Rapid Return on Investment with DataCore

100% of surveyed IT organizations realized a positive ROI in the first year or less with DataCore.

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