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Nearly half reduced storage related spending by 50% or more

46% of surveyed IT organizations effectively reduced their storage-related spending by 50% or more with DataCore.

Everyone of DataCore customer had a storage related saving

100% of surveyed IT organizations effectively reduced their storage-related spending by up to 25% with DataCore.

100% of surveyed IT organizations reduced their storage-related downtime since implementing DataCore.

C-Level Executives Happy to Recommend DataCore

96% of CEOs, CFOs, Chief Security Officers, and Chief Technology Officers at IT organizations are likely to recommend DataCore.

DataCore Customer Satisfaction

89% of IT organizations are likely to recommend DataCore.

Over 10 years of Satisfaction

Eduardo Saiz, a Senior IT Architect at Groupo Eroski, is very likely to recommend DataCore for the following reason:

My experiences with Datacore have been great since 2002. I think it’s a very good solution.

Satisfaction to the Most Demanding Datacenter

David Oakes, a Systems Support Manager, Stennis Data Center at ASRC Federal, Stennis Space Center, MS, is very likely to recommend DataCore for the following reason:

DataCore has provided NASA Stennis Data Center with outstanding support and excellent software which enables us to provide services.

The Power of Choice

A System Administrator of an Educational Institution is very likely to recommend DataCore for the following reason:

Being storage agnostic has greatly reduced our costs and has allowed us to be much more flexible than we were with previous products, i.e. EMC.

The most comprehensive storage

Jeff Fuesting, an Engineer at Consolidated Communications Holdings, Inc., is likely to recommend DataCore for the following reason:

SANsymphony has all the features we want or need in a storage product. It’s flexible and affordable.

Stress-free with DataCore

Fabio Binotto, an IT Director at Unita Locale Socio Sanitaria 7, is very likely to recommend DataCore for the following reason:

DataCore is always on in the right way. There are no more crashes. I can sleep and dream because I have had no problems for years!

World-class support

Juan José Arruza Laraudogoitia, a Chief Information Officer at Parlamento Vasco, is very likely to recommend DataCore for the following reason:

Datacore products help improve any storage solution. The support is very good and the product evolves continuously.

An IT Administrator of a Small Business Construction Company is likely to recommend DataCore for the following reason:

[With DataCore] we have had no downtime, flexible systems, and great experiences.

Choice to defer storage hardware acquisition

100% of surveyed IT organizations have been able to defer 1 or more storage hardware refresh cycles using DataCore software.

Immediate Value

Nearly 50% of surveyed IT organizations realized positive ROI within 180 days with DataCore.

Rapid Return on Investment

100% of surveyed IT organizations realized a positive ROI in the first year or less with DataCore.

DataCore has quick and easy deployment. The system stability (no downtime since the start of production) and simplicity of operation through a single console is provided at a cost much more advantageous compared to hardware solutions on the market.

Pascal Montavon, IT Administrator, PreciI-Dip SA

DataCore has continuous availability and the cost savings are the first thing that come to mind. The administration is also simplified and the storage productivity increase is noticeable with faster response times.

Jose Rosas, IT Administrator, San Diego Regional Center

With DataCore, we have been able to effectively use relatively low end mechanical SATA storage arrays for all of our production storage and maintain performance as if it were a much more expensive disk.

Peter Powell, Infrastructure Manager, Vancouver School Board

DataCore offers us the ability to have a cluster with only 2 nodes where most other solutions need a third node to have a quorum.

Engineer, Large Enterprise Aerospace & Defense Company

The biggest benefit that we’ve seen with DataCore is 100% uptime. This includes major upgrades, outages, hardware updates, etc.

Jeff Fuesting, Engineer, Consolidated Communications Holdings

The ability to quickly add mirrored storage and serve it to our production environment has been crucial and couldn’t have been done within our budget without DataCore. We’ve been able to keep our critical systems running whilst updating and upgrading our storage, allowing for growth and expansion as we’ve needed it.

Tom Harriott, IT Administrator, Wilsons Solicitors LLP

DataCore’s flexibility and cost reduction have been the biggest benefits. Its ease of use would come in close behind that. Being able to handle multiple tenant networks and using a variety of connection methods on campus with a single system has helped offset our lack of personnel and capital.

System Administrator, Educational Institution

With DataCore, I no longer have to worry about the storage limits of an individual server or speed issues.

Sean McLachlan, IT Manager, LithoFlexo Grafics

Non-disruptive Modernization

DataCore has great ease of maintenance and has reduced staff management time. It has also allowed migration from old SAN to new SAN with no downtime.

Gary Heller, Chief Information Officer, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality

Why I Like DataCore

DataCore has high performance, reliability, and flexibility in building a SAN using SAS disks and PCIe flash cards.

Thomas Schend, IT Architect, CompuGroup Medical

10 Years of Customer Satisfaction

Since DataCore was our first centralized storage solution, I can’t compare it with other products. The fact that we’re still a happy DataCore customer after more then 10 years means we’re very satisfied.

Erwin Joosten, IT Professional, Gelre Hospital Ziekenhuizen

With DataCore, we’ve had no more disruptions because of storage issues. The data security brings ‘peace of mind’ for our IT staff.

Jean-Louis Poidevain, IT Administrator, Collectivité Territoriale de Martinique

Choice Drives Down Costs

The biggest benefit with DataCore is not being locked into a single vendor for storage. This gives us the flexibility to purchase what we need – high performance SSD or low cost archival storage at affordable prices.

Ryan Tetzlaff, IT Manager, Open Systems International Inc

DataCore allows us to have two data centers with seamless replication while still being cost effective.

lance page, System Administrator, Town of South Windsor

DataCore’s synchronous mirroring allows us to run dual site stretch cluster without data loss.

John Cooter, IT Administrator, Atlantech Online

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