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Selected Research Highlights

Covetrus Customer Research

Most Prominent Challenges Among Veterinary Practices

Asked to select the three to five challenges that are most prominent in general day-to-day efforts, practices reported the following:

Finding and keeping valuable staff
Balancing scheduled and emergency appointments
Executing workflows efficiently
Communicating effectively with clients
Delivering care your clients can afford
Making the most of available time
Managing medical supply inventory
Managing practice expenses
Generating revenue for the practice
Supporting the prescription needs of your clients
Maintaining and using practice technology effectively
Rapidly changing client expectations
Acquiring new customers for the practice

Covetrus Customer Testimonial

We’ve been able to successfully navigate our way through the COVID19 pandemic in large part due to our shift towards a fully cloud-based practice management system. It’s helped us optimize our workflows, given us access to more meaningful, relevant data that we need, and streamlined our integrations and communications.

Shailin Patel, Practice Manager, Deerwood Animal Hospital

Covetrus Customer Research

What best describes how quality of care at your practice is impacted by dynamic market forces or other external, uncontrollable stress factors like Covid-19, fluctuating pet adoption trends, economic downturns, etc.?

Highly thriving
Highly threatened

Covetrus Case Study

Peer Performance Profile: Peaceful Goodbyes


This case study of Peaceful Goodbyes is based on a June 2021 survey of Covetrus customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

Perspective on Performance:
“Spending time on the phone or in person with the clients I serve is essential to the good service and practice growth I have seen during the Covid 19 pandemic.”

Commentary on Covetrus:
“I have been exceptionally pleased with customer support, competitive pricing, availability of products over many years of doing business with them.”

- Mark Ferris, Veterinarian and owner


Time and client volume are consistent challenges that impact the working environment for all veterinary practices. Peaceful Goodbyes’ functions in an environment where:

  • The flow of time at their practice generally consists of some time loss per day – a few minutes here and there feel inefficient.
  • The impact of client volume on practice performance is at a comfortable level.
  • Other challenges expressed as prominent focal points for general day-to-day efforts include:
    • Delivering care their clients can afford
    • Communicating effectively with clients
    • Balancing scheduled and emergency appointments
    • Making the most of available time

Use Case

Favorable practice performance often stems from an effective interplay between people, processes, and technology. The Covetrus solutions at play in this practice’s formula for success include:

  • Prescription management (formerly Vets First Choice)
  • Inventory & supply-chain solutions (food, labels, medical supplies, etc.)


Aided by the Covetrus solutions currently in-place, this practice has reported the following benchmarks:

  • Staff performance benchmarks:
    • Headcount: meeting needs
    • Staff culture / teamwork: meeting needs
    • Productivity: exceeding goals
    • Enablement via training: meeting needs
  • Client-related benchmarks:
    • Availability for in-practice client questions or conversations: meeting needs
    • Availability for phone, email, online, or text questions or conversations: meeting needs
    • Appointment attendance / no-show avoidance: exceeding goals
    • Occurrences of respect / appreciation shown by clients to practice staff: highly exceeding needs
  • Business performance:
    • Practice revenue production: exceeding goals
    • Ability to plan, implement, and measure impact of efforts to improve business: exceeding goals
    • Practice profitability: exceeding goals
    • Practice efficiency: meeting needs

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