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154 Customers Surveyed

1,068 Data Points Collected

40 Published TechFacts

1 Published Chart

Selected Research Highlights

Covance Early Development Customer Testimonial

Covance Delivers Trusted Insights Through Exceptional Science

Best in class ocular development group.

Consultant, R&D /Pharma Development, Large Enterprise Pharmaceuticals Company

Covance Early Development Customer Research

Covance Delivers Trusted Scientific Insights When It Matters Most

Were the results or insights provided by Covance as part of your preclinical/nonclinical study (or studies) used in a regulatory submission?


Covance Early Development Customer Statistic

Covance Delivers Timely Answers When it Matters Most

94% of surveyed customers rated Covance’s on-time delivery of results as better compared to the competition.


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About Covance Early Development

With so many endpoints in the drug development process, it’s easy to feel pressure as you look at the road ahead. You have an increasingly sophisticated set of questions that need answers. Feel confident that you’re on the right path, as the Molecule Development Group (MDG) helps you dig deeper to formulate the right strategy and focus on the outcomes to move the process forward.

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