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211 Customers Surveyed

1,780 Data Points Collected

112 Published TechFacts

18 Published Charts

35 Published Case Studies

Selected Research Highlights

Case Study: Nomura Holdings, Inc.


This case study of Nomura Holdings, Inc. is based on a September 2013 survey of CorvilNet customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“Corvil helped us achieve very good visibility into our network and application performance. It allowed to speed up the detection of network/application issues and resolution of their root cause.”


  • Purchased Corvil in order to:
    • Meet or support regulatory requirements
    • Troubleshoot IT problems
    • Improve third-party SLA verification and monitoring
    • Improve service performance for customers
    • Independently verify performance measurements
    • Achieve performance transparency

Use Case

  • Applies the following Corvil features to monitor IT infrastructure:
    • Microburst detection
    • Market data feed monitoring, e.g. gap detection, A versus B feed
    • Client transaction response time measurements
    • Venue transaction response time measurements
    • Multi-hop latency tracking across gateways, SORs etc.
    • Order lifecycle tracking i.e. new orders, replace, partial fill etc.
    • Business metrics – fill-rate, order-type analysis etc.
    • Scheduled reporting
    • Live reporting – LatNav, TradeLens etc
    • Packet capture with latency metadata and business layer decodes
  • Uses Corvil in the following ways:
    • Network performance monitoring
    • Application performance monitoring
    • Capacity planning
    • Service provider SLA verifcation
    • Demonstrating improved customer service
    • Baseline performance prior to change or upgrade
    • Testing of new applications prior to rollout
    • Compliance or regulatory reporting
    • Infrastructure latency monitoring (firewalls, switches, etc)
  • Does use Corvil to measure the performance of IT upgrades.


  • Improved their Mean Time to Resolution by > 90% with Corvil.
  • Utilizes Corvil to resolve issues or report performance daily.
  • Achieved the following benefits with Corvil:
    • Increased visibility into IT Infrastructure performance
    • Increased confidence in performance measurements
    • Reduced mean time to resolution of problems
    • Improved the ability to hold third-party service providers to account
    • Reduced finger pointing between teams
    • Realized more pro-active customer service
    • Improved resource savings (time, money, people)
    • Improved relationships with regulatory authorities
  • Would recommend Corvil as an operational performance monitoring tool to a friend or colleague.

Other Vendors Considered before Corvil

What alternative solutions did you consider prior to selecting Corvil?

JDSU / Network Instruments
Internally built solution

Corvil improves service performance for customers

77% of surveyed IT organizations purchased Corvil in order to improve service performance for customers.

Significant Improvement in MTTR

How much faster is your Mean Time to Resolution since implementing Corvil?

90% or more: 17%
70-90%: 17%
50-70%: 37%
30-50%: 11%
10-30%: 17%
0-10%: 0%

Unified Network and Application Views

5/5 Stars

Would you recommend Corvil?

Yes. The Unified Network & Application Latency quickly points troubleshooting in the right direction between Infrastructure and Application Development teams. The Multi-hop message analysis is fantastic.

Case Study: Global 500 Financial Services Company


This case study of a Global 500 financial services company is based on a April 2015 survey of Corvil customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“Corvil is a very useful network instrumentation tool and a great tool for network visibility.”


  • Principal reasons for purchasing Corvil:
    • To reduce MTTR and troubleshoot IT, application or network problems
    • For network performance monitoring
    • For Capacity Planning or Network Optimization

Use Case

  • Considered the following alternative solutions before selecting Corvil:
    • Internally built solution
  • Purchased Corvil over alternative solutions for the following reasons:
    • Microburst Visibility and Granularity of Visibility
    • True real time visibility
    • Real business value delivered at POC
    • Analytics capabilities
    • Consolidation of tools – one product where other vendors need multiple
    • Unified view of network and application monitoring in the one tool
  • Uses Corvil for the following network performing monitoring functions:
    • Packet Capture Analysis
    • Network analysis (Latency, loss, jitter, tcp analysis, BGP routing, etc)
    • Capacity Planning
    • Bandwidth Measurement
    • Application visibility (decoders for HTTP, Oracle, CIFS, VoIP, Video, NetApp)
    • Troubleshooting and Problem Identification
  • Uses Corvil for the following:
    • Network Monitoring
    • Application Monitoring
    • WAN Monitoring
    • VoIP Monitoring
    • Troubleshooting
    • Third Party Integration (e.g Splunk, Hadoop, Tableau, Kdb+, MongoDB, etc)


  • Realized the following benefits with Corvil:
    • Achieved deeper insights into complex IT problems
    • Consolidated monitoring tools
    • Achieved a single source of data for network and applications, reducing finger pointing between teams
    • Saved resources (time, money, people)

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