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ControlScan Case Study

Crescent Dental


This case study of Crescent Dental – Dr. Bobbie Morris is based on a February 2017 survey of ControlScan customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“The ControlScan Managed UTM Firewall service makes my life easier by ensuring our firewall is expertly configured, maintained and monitored to protect us from the latest security threats.”


Prior to implementing the ControlScan UTM Firewall Service, Crescent Dental was not at all confident that they wouldn’t fall victim to ransomware or a security breach.

The business challenges that led the profiled company to evaluate and ultimately select ControlScan:

  • Compliance-related challenges:
    • Stretching a thin budget to meet compliance requirements
    • Understanding what it takes to meet compliance requirements
    • Finding the time to manage the compliance process
  • IT security-related challenges:
    • Understanding what they must do, above and beyond compliance, to be secure
  • Agrees with the following:
    • Protecting a business from hackers is so complicated that it’s hard to know where to start
    • Cyber criminals go for the low-hanging fruit and they refuse to be in that bunch

Use Case

Crescent Dental adopted the ControlScan Managed UTM firewall service for the following reasons:

  • Needed assistance to properly manage and maintain their firewall
  • Firewall required for PCI compliance
  • Liked that their firewall would be proactively monitored so they could catch any suspicious activity


Crescent Dental rated their ControlScan experience as “exceptional” in the following areas:

  • Sales Rep Knowledge
  • Hassle-Free Purchasing Process
  • Ease of Implementation
  • Rapid Issue Resolution

Crescent Dental says they will absolutely consider ControlScan for additional managed security services.

EchoSat (now ControlScan) Customer Research

Do you agree that the EchoSat solution you’ve deployed more than meets your business’s needs?

Agree: 95%
Disagree: 5%

ControlScan Customer Research

The IT Pro’s Top 3 Information Security Concerns:

Prior to working with ControlScan, what information security concerns kept you up at night?

Achieving and/or maintaining compliance with IT security standards
Preventing and/or detecting advanced threats
Identifying and/or closing security gaps

ControlScan Customer Satisfaction Rating

An IT Manager at a computer services company would be likely to recommend ControlScan for this reason:

ControlScan offers great tech support as they allow me to work with the same person or group until an issue is resolved.

ControlScan Customer Fact

Only 22% of surveyed business professionals say cost concerns are preventing their organization from achieving a mature security posture.


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About ControlScan

ControlScan is the Managed Security Service Provider with a difference: We take a proactive approach to protecting businesses from cyber threats while helping ensure their compliance with security and privacy standards like PCI DSS and HIPAA/HITECH. Our unified security and compliance services deliver confidence to millions of businesses as well as the IT professionals who serve them. Merchant service providers and web hosting companies also partner with us to reduce cybercrime-related business risk. Based in Atlanta, ControlScan is venture backed and supported by a worldwide base of customers, partners and strategic alliances.

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